Saturday, 14 February 2009


I have been 'away'.
I have been preoccupied with certain thought and feelings.
It has been enveloping me for this past weeks.

I tried to rectify the matters but i know it must have been the aftermath of reading one spirituality book.

I am trying to relate things in my life; my past to my current one.
And i must agree that something that happened and is happening to us in our life are related to something that we know the reasons why, or might not know, realised or will not even know about it at all.

I have been into this kind of thought off and on.
I must say that it is in me and perhaps most people too.
It is unlike telepathy. It is just much deeper and endless, but it gave you sort of fulfillment and the feeling of peacefulness.
This is what that was thought in Islam, in one of the deep study. It is mentioned that one must know himself first, than he would know his creator.
It is getting in touch with ourselves.

It is mentioned that even what we ate, what we do and what ever it is spinning and coming back to us does in fact have its own reasons.
Just like why we were born and alive on this earth now today. Things just didn't happen without a reason and finding the reasons is the way to find our inner self. This is what we deal with when come to crossroads one point of time in our life.

Hence to take notice of all these feeling and thought, we have to be connected to our spiritual instinct. The senses that God had gave us all. Either we use it, rely on it or ignore it completely.
My other word would be God's given advantages to us human being. The sixth sense some all it. The hunch and what ever term they have.
Nevertheless, animal do have their own instinct too, but not spiritual I'm sure.
We will be running mad with questions should we stumbled upon our pet cat saying prayers wouldn't we.....

But this instinct is the one that help us moves on to our life no matter what may happen to us. It will help us break free from any sort of disgruntled emotions, help us pick up the pieces and start walking back in the right path, and the one that will be the utmost assistance in helping us not to cracked and breakdown.

Come to think about it, those who cannot reached to this spiritual emotions in their own self are those that you will find in asylum, walking endlessly by the roadside talking and laughing to themselves and this includes murderers and rapists.

To be spiritual is to live a life and be in touch and connected to our inner self.
Our inner sense, thus we will become aware of our surrounding and of the life that we're in now no matter where we are right at that moment.

The other thing about touching your inner self is you will be more alert and fast and deeper in thinking. Mind you, it also help in combatting bad temper in my case!
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