Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I find it funny that the issue of alleged copycat by Malaysia of the Indonesian 'culture' and the footage of a documentary (which I'm sure has been resolved by now) are being brought up to a certain unhealthy level by certain group laced with some political interest had been taken rather 'seriously' by the government or more specifically some of their officials.

It's silly that this has to happen to the country that supposed to be the closest neighbour and had been handing out help to them, whenever calamity strike their homeland.
This burning of hate or as what they called it 'ganyang Malaysia' had to stop and the government must take a very strict measure to help curb this hate feeling escalate into a more difficult diplomatic level.

One thing for sure was the work of the mighty pen.
All this hate burning would not be widespread should the government know the level of freedom of writing. What I'm trying to emphasise here is the work of their print journalist, which in my own personal opinion are given the freedom to write without boundaries, especially when it come to issue such as bilateral between two countries.

I guess they must have been given the flag to go and write whatever they like without trying to curb their journalist from telling untruthful stories about Malaysia. Perhaps also, this happen because there are no law against them unlike Malaysian journalist whom are required to sign a special act Akta Rahsia Rasmi for both the journalist and the publisher and another act Akta Mesin Cetak for all local print media.

This was one story which will be informed from a senior to another, where there was a case when one writer wrote inside his novel that the Indonesian ate rats, during the confrontational period between the two countries. What he wrote might be his own personal thought, or he must have heard it from somewhere, just like me and perhaps some others whom have heard and be told not to eat satay at any roadside mobile stall in Indonesia. So, back to the writer just now, he was later called to the local ministry KDN and asked to emit all words deem 'hurtful' the Indonesian people.

That is a show of respect. The government of Malaysia are not just very sensitive and trying hard not to create any ill feeling with its neighbouring country(s) but the neighbour(s)they themselves are not taking the same step to take care of their neighbour's feeling.

More intriguing was the non-action by its President because although all sort of provocations created by their nationals (here and there) and the media, i have yet to read any sort of indictment befallen their journalist or publishers who are responsible burning the hatred sentiments towards Malaysia.

Would it be wrong to say that the President is not sensitive towards the feeling of its closest neighbour?

Or perhaps he thought it won't hurt to criticise each another?

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