Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Free vacation for problematic couples.

All i can sum out of the person or group who came out with this proposal is pathetic, ridiculously silly and gravely moronic. The free vacation plan offered by this particular state it seems would help save the marriages of couples who are on the brink of divorce!!

They must be kidding when they announced this plan.
I wonder what is their take out of the vacation plan given to 'those pathetic couple ( because they're near to being cheapskate), and whether the two ''free"nights spent at the state's scenic islands or beach resorts could eventually make them fall in love again and all those resentments which lead to their problematic relationships will disappeared after the two special nights.

Black will be Black.

Im not being racist.
But i hate black people who had been swarming Malaysia.
I hate them so much that i wish they'd just go disappear from the face of Malaysia. These are mostly Nigerian and Botswana ''students''. These people were and are still given visa by the Malaysian government, particularly the Ministry of Education to fill in those mushrooming private institute of higher learning in their ''dream'' to become educational hub in Asia.

These morons are very slacking in culture, stupidly snobbish, and thought they can go around Malaysia freely spending their black monies trading drugs.

Besides aliens from countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and Bangladesh, these blackies had been creating mountainous criminal problems with the love and assistance from ''hungry-for-black sweat and hugs'' Malay girls (whom those days rushing to grab all the Bangla lads working at pump stations), and obliviously ignorant and could care less house owners who'd rented their apartments and houses to them.

For the first half of the year, an estimated six thousand study visas had been accorded to these blackies men and women. And of course -- more to come. Malaysia Boleh!!

Talented Mr Economic Advisor.

The Selangor state government of Malaysia had once again prove their silliness managing the state after appointing Anwar Ibrahim as the economic advisor recently, pocketing an estimated RM1 million a year.

Probably the excited PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) chief had been having bad memory lapsed and forgotten about Anwar's ''achievements'' during the economic crisis while he was the Finance Minister.

And Anwar Ibrahim?....
What else can he do besides sweeping all monies to his own interest?

Memang Boleh!
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