Monday, 6 December 2010

Malaysia teen bride holds public celebration-- Malaysia. 30 years of age, i never even consider of getting married nor have any kids.
I wonder what this child had in her mind....whatmore the parents'?

1. Avoiding sinful life maybe?
2. Having legalised sex maybe?
3. Being exposed to sexual desires two to three years prior to this wedding maybe?

....on the lighter side, i remember reading this news from one China news agency long time ago. It was about this couple in some rural area in the northern province, who had gotten married for the past 3 years (?..or so, i cant really remember the detail).
They had been trying to have baby but failed until one day they were suggested to visit their local family-planning agency, and was later discovered that the man, all the while had been entering her fro m the back side!!

Hahahaha....see, even though this story i read, was like some 13 or fourteen years ago, but i really cant forget about it. This is one sure thing we human should take heed. Obliviousness can resulted in many many unfavourable situations.
What more can you expect out of a kid who is just 14 years of age. And the following thing that would come , being typical MALAY, they'd surely consummate their marriage ASAP, and don't be surprised she'd be expecting by first quarter of 2011.

Inject some senses in you people!

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