Friday, 3 December 2010

Qatar will host 2022 World Cup.

Qatar brings 2022 World Cup to Mideast.


Whilst I had the confident that Qatar won't be able to win this bid after their attempted 2016 Olympic bid launched sometime in October 2007, where me and the family join in the cheering crowds -- okay, more of to watch the fireworks at the Doha corniche, it was somehow not impossible to think that this tiny country would be able to bring back the winning of this bid.

Qatar will be the smallest host nation and the first in the Arab region to host the gigantic game of football celebrated worldwide every four years. It was the second smallest nation to host the game after Uruguay in 1930.

And yes siree....they've got the money no doubt about it!
Barrels of it and this winning will definitely gave more exposure and limelight on the country.
As an expat here, I'm expecting more developments coming in the pipeline for the next many years, which, even on the smaller scale if one observed and compare it's development to three years ago -- it is easily noticed from increased of vehicles and people in malls and verywhere.
Their estimated populations of 1.2 mil three years ago had jumped to current 1.7 million.
And of course....traffic jams.

Here are some of the facts that enable Qatar to win the bid, in my opinion;

1. The total cost of the construction and renovation is estimated at around $3 billion for new and current stadiums. They submitted a budget of $645.5 million to run the Confederations Cup in 2021 and the World Cup the following year. It projects a total number of 2,869,000 tickets will go on sale.

2. Over the next five years, the country will build a $25 billion rail network, an $11 billion new airport, a $5.5 billion new deep water seaport and a $1 billion crossing linking the new airport with mega-projects in the northern part of the capital, Doha. It will also spend an additional $20 billion on new roads.

"Budget is not a constraint," said Jamal Al-Kaabi, manager of roads and drainage at Ashgal, Qatar's Public Works Authority. (I love this statement...)

3. Although Qatar has been eager to display a liberal and welcoming image to inspectors and media during recent months, the sale of alcohol and the possibility of rowdy behaviour from World Cup fans are likely to be a significant hurdle in an Islamic country where public drunkenness is prohibited.
Bid representatives have said alcohol will be allowed in designated areas throughout the tournament.

4. Although the tournament is played during the two hottest months of the year, bid organisers said the heat would not be an issue thanks to climate-controlled, zero-carbon-emitting stadiums. (This, which I'm sure me and the family wont be around here anymore, would be very interesting to experience....their adverts in local tele mentioned innovative cooled stadiums -- WC will roughly be organised in June, the hottest month of the summer)

Well done Qatar!...although I don't really enjoy living here...har har har.

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