Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Damn the Doctors

Georges Lemaître has once put it "caring and curing cannot be separated."....but that is not the case here.

See, I had, since my arrival several year ago notice that the healthcare giver and facilities here is far behind from what I can get in  my home country. Not claiming that Malaysia is offering the best medical support whatsoever, but I am proud to say that they do have reputable specialist and well trained experienced doctors and hospitals that offer better equipments compare to here.

I remember when my eldest was 9 month old and we brought her to one paediatrician for common fever and flu due to change of weather. The specialist -- he owns the clinic so he must have personally claimed that -- didn't even put a finger on the my daughter's body instead asked me to hold her and carry on with normal stethoscope checks. And thats about it.

Isn't doctors works with their eyes and hands to feel the patient especially a paediatrician.
Not relying on bloody stethoscope alone.
My eldest  late pediatrician back home, Dr Foo of SJMC Malaysia, who was also a pead for my now sixteen years old nephew was the best I had ever met. He was very very gentle, touches and held babies like one fragile expensive porcelain. That -- you won't ever never get it here in this country and region -- I dare say so.

Now coming back to the story I want sharee.
It was about my recent visit to the 'be-more-sick' medical centre in the vicinity.
Once again, my anger button was being pushed (or perhaps I pushed it off myself, how ever you want to put it..) after the visit to have my 5 year old prescribed for some flu/cough medicine because it has been over a week and my home remedy does not show any indication or improvement.
Im not a doctor person and I believe in healing oneself first for 3 days, if not working then the doc will come into the picture.

I brought along my little one because she also in the verge of being attacked by the virus (contracted by my pre-school due to some dumb parents who allowed their kids to attend school although they're coughing their lungs out and greeny slimy things running out of their nostrils). Shhuusshhhh......

For a start, I never give much hope once I saw the name of doctors on duty. 
One idiot is a doctor from one country famous for producing doctors due to its cheap schooling fees, who had 4 years ago told me that my current 5 years old is malnourished  because her size is smaller than her actual age.
Obviously I was taken aback and quickly interject (before he started to say other nonsense) "What do you mean malnourished?"....then he told me, for nearly 3 years old of age-- my daughter should be bigger in size and weighted more than she was.
For readers information; in this place, before one get to see the doctor, one need to take weight and body temperature, and information collected will be linked to the respective doctors' computer.
Thus when I told him of her actual age (which was wrongly input in the system) and weight, he gave a stupid chuckled. He didn't even look or inspect my daughter  but looking at the PC and I was screaming inside my lung wanting to tell him 'hey asshole -- it's my daughter who is sick...not the freakin computer!!.

Certainly he had been blacklisted from my list of doctors here. So it's the other doctor, whom I had never seen before. He is from of the Arabs countries.

After waiting for a while, of course according to numbering ques, which I don't see any movement or anyone waiting in front of his room, my husband decided to ask the reception counter, and after checking that the door is locked.
There you my heart I said. Another prick.

We were told to wait for a while (maybe the idiot is taking a dump)...but after 10 minutes, we asked again, and after checking again, the young lady at the counter told  us the doctor is actually at the other side (strictly women area).
I was surprised....since when men are allowed at that area....but come to think about it, in this country rules are just what's written on the board. That's about it.

We went to the room, saw him chit chatting with someone. He saw us but ignored and we assumed he is attending a patient although I know it is not a sick person because it doesn't sound like doctor-patient talk.

We let it be, 5 minutes, went in front of the door again, hoping to be call in or maybe he'd notice and stop his blabbering with that guy. It didn't work.

My thirst for an absolute sarcastic verbal expression became more intense....I felt like going to the reception and ask  since when this bloody  medical centre employed a psychiatrist?
But, hey, because they are so stupid, I don't even think they'd know whether the remarks supposed to be sarcasm or a statement or a question. Some or maybe most of them can't differentiate it.

Nevertheless, I intentionally made myself heard by several staff there, and walked off, and immediately the lady at the counter asked  whether we want to see another doctor ( a lady from Pakistan who is also a quack) and I said I'm not going to and it's a waste of time coming to the medical centre.

How can I not have raging hatred with the people in the medical centre here. When I went to have my scanning done during my first trimester late last year, I was asked to drink lots of water, and during the scanning this dumb Filipino nurse kept on asking me to stop breathing and pushing hard my tummy with the scanning equipment searching for the foetus! Ever heard of that way of scanning ? Not me. 
Maybe she was actually a lavatory worker who had her resume done! 

It's's bastardy and it's freakin bad.
If you gonna get sick, it should not be in this country. They'll want to see your bloody purge if you got stomach ache before even checking you!
Imagine hw on bloody earth you wanna collect your purging dump? In a bowl and carry it around the hospital to the lab?
It's a wonder why no one  is  waiting  to see that senile should-be-retired doctor, rather they wait in line for the other idiot who had once GOOGLED a symptom of sickness of one young Malaysian girl (she passed away months ago due to Leukaemia). The parent told of the first time encounter  when she was  brought over to the medical centre for a check up after fainting at the school couple of years ago.

I seriously think these idiots either bought their MD or just plain low grade asshole being employed to served those who don't care much about health.
Below are seven sign of bad doctors. If you ever recognise more than three in them, please make it to door and never turn back. The ones that have (Y) are those that I and some other people who appreciate and know good medical treatment encountered here.

An indifferent or uncaring attitude (Y)

Doesn't listen, unresponsive (Y)

Lack of knowledge (Y)

Poor recommendations (Y)

Always pushes further tests and procedures (Y)

Not respectful of your time (Y)

Spotty credentials and affiliations (Y)

Need say more?

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