Sunday, 13 November 2011

Life and death...and cycle of life.

Today, I received yet another unfortunate news of my maternal uncle passing.
It was good instinct that I managed to squeezed some time to visit him with the thought of introducing my newborn to him vice versa (although the lil one don't know anything yet) snapping some photos of both of them for remembrance purposes.

Living abroad and far from family is the reason my being a little more sensitive about family relationship. Age also must be the second big reason of we human being feeling such -- compare to our younger years.

In reflecting back circumstances, I realise at this age juncture, such news will come by quite often...besides news of newborns...and later in ten fifteen years to come invitation to friends' daughter or son wedding.
And cycle of life goes on again for the new one.

May Allah be with Cik Ain -- the person whom I learned and still keep certain cooking recipes and whom I had spent my secondary years whenever we balik kampung for Eid watching him bakes cakes and cook.

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