Saturday, 2 February 2013

Carrot and Stick

Yet another piece of news (seriously?....not really news to me personally because as the country's General Election (GE13) nearing, everything is possible and expected), the Malaysian government, okay, the Najib Razak government (because he doesn't represent the total views of  Malaysians) came out with his another carrot by lifting a over four-year ban on the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), the organisation responsible for the massive 2007 protest march that was seen as a major factor Indian voters jumped boat to the opposition in GE12.
The organisation which had been relentlessly appealing for an uplift of the ban must be joyful with this news, if not feeling this is just another expected game as I does.
The news was made known to all media by one of the tough guy of the association who had once wanted to appeal to the Queen of England seeking help because he claimed his race had been suppressed by the government (he must be living in the colonial era not noticing that Tanah Melayu already received her independence from British officially on 31 August 1957).
The upcoming GE, which I must say would be tougher than the previous one must have made Najib and his team digging for carrots to offer to all rabbits of the oppositions, and I surely hope he will have enough carrots to offer to the ever so hungry and greedy opposition leaders and supporters.
The indication of the GE13 which had been sent even before the Eid Fitr  and had been going on up to now with no indication of it starting anytime soon. My guessing only one. BN must be the feeling the heat of it and their knees are still shaking and weak. Just like anyone who had undergone knee surgery, one will need time to recover, but BN had four years to prove themselves....waiting six more months wont help.
With Tahun Melawat Terengganu 2013 or Visit Trerengganu 2013; an east-coastal state with oil and gas propagandistic and condemning once- a- week slot on the BN TV3 (and god knows there isn't much of travelling or touring being shown) aiming at telling the Terengganu voters to vote BN again this time around, and all pro- government news on the mainstream newspaper and television; I am wondering what more do they want and are  scared of.
Najib's latest action, either being suggested by his smart advisory team or smarter wife, will, in my opinion not buy much of the Indians community into voting for BN. This however can create another strong twenty over thousands  Indians marching once again to manifest their unhappiness towards of the BN government because, hey, the election is coming; this is the time we should ask for things....and just like hungry rabbits, they will be squealing and squirming for carrots and more carrots if they are not fed accordingly.
We shall see.

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