Sunday, 3 February 2013

Oh, puhleezs -- Get him outta here!

I read with not much interest that the overly overrated South Korea's Psy will performing his famous horsey dance (read this) also known worldwide as Gangnam Style dance at an event organised by Malaysia's ruling coalition party Barisan Nasional soon to commemorate the coming Chinese New Year celebration and perhaps as a stage of offering carrots to young Penangites hoping to win the coming most feared general election.

I'm not against what others might think as 'hey it's music'; 'it's happening' (well, my 6 year old daughter told me her mat sallehs school teacher played this song during PE) and certainly am not one of those people who keeps on clicking the Youtube that earned him the world breaking record of 1 billion hits last December.
But I cant understand his music and why MC Hammer didn't get as much recognition (obviously they have same music genre) and most of all his jumping, humping and lurid dance.

Or perhaps I just don't like his face.

A friend in the industry had once over a chat on this singer told me that this guy had a lot to ask for just a song. It seems for an appearance he is asking not lower than USD500,000.
That is lots of money MCA (one of the party in the BN coalition) going to giveaway because I do not think there would be any other organisation or music promoter willing enough to bring him down to Malaysia.

By having him perform, MCA and the organisers hope to attract some 60,000 people and it seems even the Prime Minister Najib Razak will attend the concert too.
Although MCA didn't indicate how much the cost of the whole event but anyone person in the industry can give a good guess.

So you Gangnam die hard -- book your hotel soon so you can catch your favourite singer humping the stage during the coming Chinese New Year!

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