Monday, 19 May 2014

An Indian and MH370 -- The Probable Act.

Movie-makers say they have recruited leading Hollywood technicians to bring their experience to mid-air flight sequences.I'd call this profiting out of others misery.

News from Cannes has it that movie-makers have announced they're going to make a thriller based movie on the disappearance of Malaysian flight MH370.
To be produced by an Indian company, the film will be entitled "The Vanishing Act: The Untold Story of the Missing Malaysian Plane."

It seems that the story will be based on an 'investigative report by a journalist which was rejected by the media so it is definitely controversial'... and will answer two questions -- 1.-- is what went wrong with MH370 and 2.-- where is MH370 on this earth.

Probably Australian government should halt their search activities and wait for the film to come out because the producers and the writer knows where MH 370 is actually at.

Promotion details indicated the film tells the story of five people who seek revenge for the death of their loved ones. They hijack a plane but things aren't as they appear. The FBI too makes an appearance and things get murkier...
Does it sound interesting?...
Im doubting it.
Probably it will be as lame as M Night Shyamalan's.
Unless they managed to commissioned some A-list director.

And I am not too sure if the movie's going to get good response from the Chinese because their nationals were the majority and they have been quite upset about it, especially with Malaysian government. Depicting their loved ones on the plane -- of course they're going to use the passengers real name because this film is based on actual event; and making this film now at this still sore and tender moment -- it could prove fatal.
Anyhow, we shall wait and see.

Betting on an international cast from film industries across the world including France, Russia, the UK and Korea, the spokesperson claimed this film will be "a movie beyond man-made boundaries".
Trailer of the movie including footage of Malaysian Airlines planes will be laced with scenes of love, jealousy and unrest in the cabin.
I surely hope there wont be any overdoing heavy petting or kissing in the plane because we Asian don't do that at our seat, or in the aeroplane toilet -- as we see happening in some Hollywood movies.

But again, there might be because you can hardly watch a Hollywood produced movie without lips-locking scene.

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