Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Arty Farty Crazy Money

Undoubtedly the power of money can buy them everything.
From unheard of country to one that won organising the 2022 FIFA World Cup, to building very intricate ultra modern design of National Library to commissioning those arty farty artist from the Mat Salleh countries in hope to emerged as a cultured nation.
And hoping it will represent the country.

However, money cannot buy everything.
It can't buy you culture.
It cannot buy civilised behaviour, and certainly cannot bring you where you think you might achieve with it.
And it certainly contradict with the Islamic values of this nation.

I for one hates the Damien Hirst.
To me he is not an artist.
He can received nod and the ooss's and ahhh's from those 'had- to- be- nice' mat salleh back home but having carcasses and violent display of so-called?...It's mere luck. Probably he has some rich and famous friends who helped him sell his 'art'...

His works in front of the one Children Hospital called Miraculous Journey – a group of 14 bronze foetus sculptures – are an absolute show of nothing.
I'd say, Asian are more open minded that the Arabs, thus I cannot comprehend how this conservative Gulf monarchy can put up such 'art'.

Same goes to an American artist Richard Serra 'abstract sculpture' in the middle of the desert outside of Doha.
The Stonehenge....hello.
If you cannot do something new, then don't be a copy cat.
No doubt he won his way in to the desert which are barren and thirsty for culture.

The head of Qatar Museums Authority, Sheikha Al-Mayassa, of course, related to the Emir, is well-known in the art world thanks to the investment of large sums of money acquiring masterpieces.
Last year, London’s Art Review magazine called her the most influential personality in the field of contemporary art, saying she spends about a billion dollars on artwork every year.

Should they consider Milo Moiré in Doha too....?!...No?

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