Thursday, 5 March 2015

Facebook = Depression

"Facebook leads to depression"... and like as if we needed to be reminded of that.

Posting picture of food on Facebook is a sign of depression, so on and so forth....but people still do it because they can't help but want others to see it.

Now, I came across this report where a recent study done by those smart people -- maybe they don't have facebook because they're bookworm-- of Nanyang Technological University, Bradley University and the University of Missouri Columbia found that heavy Facebooking can lead to the ugly feeling of envy -- which can ultimately lead to the more ugly feeling of extreme sadness.

Constantly checking Facebook to see what your friends are doing could lead to some serious depression it said.
However, I'd like take a nay for that because of "I-don't -give- a -bulls" self esteem I posses. Ehem...
Nonetheless, I do know and came across life testimonials of people who had become increasingly envious or jealous in their life just to show that "I can have that too ..." despite their unfavourable situations.

Coming back to the studies, it mentioned that some 736 college students were found feeling bad about themselves when they quietly stalk friends on Facebook and realise that their life doesn't measure up to those they stalked. -- And thus why, like we all know, Facebook is the best medium of showing of what latest gadgets we have, how happy and lovely the family is right up to showing how independent we (she was) are by pulling the baby out of our (her) stomach after the Doc cut open the stomach. Gross.
As for the vagina part, well Im not quite sure whether there's any 'direct to the point' pic or videos by any one but remembered there was once that went viral...

That is the key word.
That is basically what they want.
They want whatever they post to go viral, be it in a smaller scale amongst the friends of friends or  if it is dynamite enough it will have the prospect of going international.

"If Facebook is used to see how well an acquaintance is doing financially or how happy an old friend is in his relationship -- things that cause envy among users -- use of the site can lead to feelings of depression," said Margaret Duffy, a professor at the University of Missouri School of Journalism.
According to Ms Duffy, those feeling isn't just a college phenomenon because her nearing middle age can relate to that (depressing) situation.
For Facebook addict like her, checking on it is a huge part of  their life and  having the app on the phone checking it at work, at home, while in traffic, or in a subway station with Wi-Fi, I'd say there's no place that the Z(f)uckerberg creation didn't go.

No doubt getting updates of all friends or so-called friends or extended families, is a good way of being in touch especially for someone who is living thousands of miles away and that it is impossible for occasional latte  -- yes, Facebook has it's good side too.

But when material possessions or endless happiness portrayed in pictures of excellent deco, lavish lifestyles or good food constantly being spread on the table like there was a private chef cooking for them day in and day out -- IT CAN GET NASTY.

Okay. I must admit.
Nope, I wasn't an addict. But I do check on it everyday like once in the morning and once in late afternoon and that was like maybe five or six years back when Facebook was at the height of it. But at that time people aren't so showy. They're not so bold showing off their 34DD boobs or big huge belly with baby inside for people (friends) to see and sharing the pic of their baby sucking their breast for that purely 'motherhood' joy-hood.

It has changed.
People get more dirtier...and they get more crazier by sharing almost everything they do in and out of their house, alone or with their families and friends.

Those things can get overboard.
Frankly, I despised those showy lots. I loath it. Be it in the form of emotional or material.
What about those in their friends circle that don't have much.
Those that just came out of a relationship.
Those teenagers with mom and dad living separate ways...what would the affect be on them?

But because the founder and his minions are so brilliant, they have make almost all of other informative platforms such as news, medical or wellbeing site an option or a must to LIKE to enable us to gain access to their daily dose of information.

It sucks.
I have talked few friends out of terminating their account for the reasons those researchers indicated.
Told them, we still need Facebook but we can either delete (which I have no qualms of doing) or for those nicer people -- I suggested them to hide those incredibly loud friends from showing on their newsfeed.

And just like Ms Duffy said  -- "my only consolation is sometimes my friends confuse "there," "their" and "they're" in their posts about their lovely vacations and darling children. Then suddenly, I feel a little bit better about myself."....

Don't we human sometimes love it when we see people are not as good as their façade....

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