Saturday, 6 December 2008


I have to log something about yet another internet related experience.

Actually sometime ago i was invited by a friend via email to view her profile and later perhaps i might want to join the facebook community. Of course this kind of thing doesn't attract my attention that much. Moreover, having had my hands full with works commitment and other obligations i deleted the message without even opening it.

Now, a couple of years later, after receiving few invitations from different people to view their profile on facebook, it finally got me interested to know why these people were so on this facebook thing.
Moreover being in the opposite lifestyle than i had years ago, adding with time on my side, i viewed and later accepted the friend's request.

Tonight, and few other nights already since i joined the facebook community somewhere in October, i have to admit it; im hooked. I am spending more time browsing the facebook community than any other site and will be off to slumber only after 4am.
This is a craze i must say.
In fact i even read a write up by someone recently that Facebook finally hits the mainstream.

It seems that it has been growing steadily on a global basis, and suggests through the data that facebook adoption is deep and widespread. The writer also mentioned that surprisingly it is noted that in North America the working-age users is the fastest growing demographic, while the teen segment is growing much more slowly.

I must agree with him completely.

This facebook thing is much more interesting way of communicating.
It is a blend of conventional email, and chat room and photo sharing platform. It is more of a latte compare to black coffee.
Amazingly, this facebook will enable you to tracked down your friends or perhaps people you have lost contact with over time.
Tonight i managed to get in touch with my secondary peers which i have not been in contact for nearly twenty years.
I told myself, this is the advantage of the internet and having time in your hand.

The fact that one of the promising budding politician, advertised himself on the facebook perhaps to garnered some support from the www crowd shows that this will be a new platform of reaching out both to the people you want to connect with and to the rest of the world.
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