Monday, 29 December 2008

An Ox and the Master

It seems that it is not all bad next year as the Year of the Ox will be heralded by spurts of a bull market according to one I-ching expert in Malaysia.
I wonder whether his prediction was based on the Ox per se?
An Ox(or a Bull) is also a term used in the stock market to reflex positive movement in the bourse. Perhaps it was that which brought forth his next year's prediction. I don't really know however; and can't actually comment much because it is not my field.

According to the consultant, the year 2009 will be a terrestrial bull year and in an Asian country such as Malaysia(due to the strong Chinese influence) whenever the time has come to the start of a new year, be it the Gregorian calendar or the Lunar New Year, the sale of Feng Shui's and astrology's book would be evident.

According to one consultant, the year would get off to a positive start which will be bringing hope in global economic crisis. However, he is also clever to state that the respite would be brief. Probably he knows no prediction can beat the surprises an economic turmoil can do and have in store for us the majority.

I have to admit that I am amaze at how these Feng Shui's consultant work.
They form their opinion by gathering information over the years, guided by one ancient book as a guideline and base to their prediction and later compiled and it sells like hot cakes.

There are a few that make millions by giving talks and advices, publishing books on the twelve months signs, and loads of other things. There was one lady in Malaysia during the early 2000, Mdm Lillian Too.
She was one overrated Feng Shui's consultant and due to that I was moved to purchased one of her book. Well, not as i expected somehow. Same old same old. Perhaps the difference was only the way she elaborated her predictions and explained the environment which was more precise than the rest.

Nevertheless, one would never be on top forever.
Over time one young guy emerged and began to get into the limelight of the local Feng Shui's community.
Let me also tell you here that one more advice given by the I-ching master is that the people should take heed that the weather in Malaysia will be on the wet side throughout the next year, hence there will be heavy rain and floods and that "people should be more cautious over water-related diseases like dengue and chikungunya”.
Hmmmm....Doesn't it speak for itself?

Mind you that the Indians are also big on astrology, even bigger than the Chinese, infact.
The only thing that made the latter more influential was because of the exposure they received and they commercialised it well.
What make me say this?
Well, first of all, even to get married, both man and woman must be astrologically compatible.
Almost every figure and moment are calculated well accordingly before any decision were to be made.
Even in choosing baby's name; one has to go take into consideration the day and time and month of the child's birth.

What makes me tickle a bit was one consultant's advise that those people with serious illnesses to be careful of next year as it is going to be bad year for health adding that they could wear gold or yellow sapphire to attract good fortune...(not attracting jobless bad guys, i hope...wink ..wink)

And also, it looks like there would be some furnitures in the house and office shall be moved around to the right direction again this time around....what about the paint, then?

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