Tuesday, 19 January 2010



A very sensitive issue brought forward by insensitive lots.

Whilst, the word Allah itself is in Arabic means God, but because in a country such as Malaysia, where the majority Muslim are the Malay, whom mother tongue aren't Arabic, thus making the usage of the word Allah is a no-no to other religion except Islam and the Muslims.

Having to experience going to synagogue and old churches in Egypt, and witnessed the usage of Arabic words such as Allah at the wall or entrance, and having seen covered-head old women who look just like another Muslims, it has become an eye-opener and acceptance that we human do share certain things in life despite believing in different faiths.

And having to watch a religious channel via cable tv here, and a little later realise that it is infact a biblical sermon, one would thought it is an Islamic channel because of the typical Arabic thobe and shimagh worn by the men.

Nevertheless, the real reason behind the fight of this publication to use the word Allah only God Almighty will know.

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