Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Ordinary people

I think i wanna get a bit emotional.

Im just wondering...how would ordinary people feel about having more than two homes. Im stressing the word ordinary people here because, ordinary people can't be flying back and forth thousands of kilometres every three months or so (which is what i WISHED i can do REALLY!), and especially with kiddo and all forever increasing flight surcharges. Ordinary people are not bounded by not leaving the country more than six months a year to avoid being slapped with certain fine or some other regulations. Ordinary people couldn't care much forking money for frequent flights, lets say minimum 4 times year।

So, im just an ordinary people and having my home in my birth country and another in the country where Malaysian call 'cari makan' place.

Im back to this little oil rich land....and still after couple of years, i just can't get to feel happy returning to this deserted land where i cant do much with what i want to do actually.

I guess having more than two homes or three for that matter wouldn't be so stressful ;if im not just an ordinary people, AND the homes are located one at my birth country, one by a quiet lake somewhere in Canada, and one in New York......

That would be nice.

So for the time being, i just have to accept my ordinary life, and pray hard i could win the half yearly QR10Million bank draw, or the monthly QR1million win....of course besides all the luxury cars for grab offered by some hyper market (read me : not international chain such as Carrefour).

Well, that isn't ordinarily conducted elsewhere in the world isn't it?

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