Monday, 25 January 2010

Who need friends....when we have internet?

Who need friends when we have internet? Or better, when we have internet friends, who needs a physical one......

Unless, of course you lived all alone or with your pet cat or dog. Besides that, i guess your time will definitely be well-filled with all human-related activities such as going to work; which will account roughly nine to 10 hours per day including driving back home( well unless you're one unproductive guy who doesn't know how to managed the given eight hours per day for work by going around carrying your empty coffee cup to blabber or catching up with the latest gossip from one room to another in the department). The remaining time would be segregated to some bonding time with the family and perhaps catching up with the news and reading.

Or perhaps, you just a housewife, with all those loads of house chores and cooking and running all around the house doing literally almost the same thing as yesterday. The remaining hours shall be donated to your kids and little or nothing at all for your own self. You will definitely find time to launch the internet when the kids are not at your back.

And perhaps for the luckier ones; the lady of leisure-- who'd wake up after 8am having coffee and orange juice and a slice of toast waiting for you and later just get going to the family lounge for an hour Pilate or running on the treadmill while watching some interesting soap or news. And perhaps finishing some paperwork for your NGO work and going thru documents for some companies that you're an appointed director. That will take up till lunch and when the kids comes home, as a good mother, you'd be mingling with them besides going thru some school work and entertaining their whims and fancies.

With all sort of lifestyles, time had been too constrained for most people thus making time to spend mingling and touching base with families and friends became shorter and shorter and to the extend of non-existence at all.

That is where, social networking platform such as twitter, facebook, Yahoo Messenger and other internet based communication take place...

And i believe, keeping in touch with people via the internet (besides occasional text messaging) is much easier thing for sure-- you don't have to hassle yourself putting on some presentable outfit, or a lipstick. You can just sit at one corner of your lounge with your lappy and start punching the keyboard and have a conversation, while running to the kitchen to fix another cup of coffee, or munch some snacks and have a conversation with more than two person at one go. Viola!

Isn't it interesting at all?

Yes to people who know how to appreciate 24hrs in life, and No to people who'd find it more exhilarating, real bonding, blood-trenching, bodily exciting to have to meet with other people (besides during office hours, of course) every 48hrs of their life.

My being intolerant towards the ever flourishing pretentiousness and talking rots might be my only reason to having championed internet-based communication. Having to deal with many type of character and individuals with certain unlikeable habits, it is much better to keep relationship via the internet. Maybe some would look at the way i think as a total self-centred person, or some whom would labeled people with similar character as snobbish -- but having to deal with unpolished and close-minded character can be a tad bit too much for me honestly.....Not when life is catching up and hair is turning gray.

Perhaps due to being a person who don't really like people per se, and keeping in contact with only those selected few -- i have enjoyed being with myself, and still is to date- hopefully till i die. I have been loving almost everything about myself despite my little flaws here and there, and experience how the product of being strong mentally, cultivated since a tender age, will definitely have some benefits later in life. Of course reality-check should never be secondary unless you want to walk out of the house with a full blown-out head and be irritatingly opinionated -- Internet based communication would be my means of communication with friends and families.

I had been in contact with my girlfriend whom i had not been meeting for the past 14 years. Yes, to some point there aren't any conversation or interaction at all, but exchanging emails both informative and comedic once a while, is fine enough for us and we can still chat like we were fourteen years back .

Currently doing some research and reading on internet communication -- the effect of it to individual, society and it's blackspot, I'm hoping to get where I'm aiming for via this world wide web.

Happy internet-ing!
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