Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Hishammuddin Hussein -- Blessing in disguise.

The saying blessing in disguise bring lots of meaning.
To me it is more of having to accept whatever problems or calamity in life open heartedly and look at things from a different perspective.
More like finding the best of the situation, even it is not.
It is positive thinking, although I don't believe at all what the Malays believe as 'kifarah' or God's way of cleansing your soul and sins when He gave upon you sickness and whatever situations unfavourable.
I don't think God is that cruel.

Now, this blessing in disguise does bring lots more meaning in the case of missing MH370 jetliner.
I foresee it would be big bucks blessing for the Chinese families, who will be (this what I read last) suing Malaysia Airlines for the lost of their family members.
But, lets put that aside. I will write especially on that soon.

Now, let's take a look at one of those three person standing at the MH370 media centre in Kuala Lumpur.
Datuk Seri Panglima Hishammuddin bin Tun Hussein.

Those years seeing him on the telly, reading the newspaper --  didn't quite like this guy actually.
For some unknown reason...even though he is believed by some to be the next in line as Malaysia's prime minister, I still at one time feels that there must be someone else suitable for the post, although honestly I don't see anyone suitable to represent the country and in the same time intelligent enough to brave the ever so demanding job.

Yup, no doubt among all the ministers, he has been quite prominent, and has the limelight for quite sometime already.
He is smart looking all the time in his tailored suits, not sloppy like some minister(s) and has the charismatic value in him.
But I found him to having some sort of speech problems.
Not that he stammers, no.
Somehow, I found him at times to having that little bit of problems getting his words out clearly especially when he speaks rather quickly answering question whatnots.
The clarity.
Okay, frankly, he's like having a shorter tongue.
Not that I believe and seen so, but this is how people having similar problems faced when they talk in a quick manner. Nah.
And hat I think it would not be quite presentable to be put as the leader of one nation.

But as they always say's blessing in disguise.
And he managed to strikes that 'blessing' behind the whole situation.
Following almost all the press conference and getting used watching that three faces in front there answering smart, ridiculous, or some time out of context questions -- Hishamussin today is a different Hishamuddin.
I have noticed the way he speaks and answering questions are more composed, both his body language and verbal expression are way better and he does portray himself as a very competent person speaking on behalf of the country.
I can't imagine if it was someone else.
He even (must be advised), put on a neck tie everyday.
Nice good colour.
Not bright or too outstanding.

And, I will definitely have a thumb-up for him now.

Coming from a family with political background and extended families of who's who in Malaysia, this 52 years old Defence Minister deserves it to be there if he should be the next after Najib Razak.

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