Saturday, 5 April 2014

Malaysian company will manage Doha new airport.

Qatar Airways A7-BCL aircraft at London - Heathrow
With the summer heat setting in this little country, the rush to book tickets going home to celebrate the Ramadhan and Eid is up on the chart for most of us expats here.

Celebrating the holy month and the Eid Fitr would not be the same without parents and families members. The feel just not there, happy celebrating it with their new found 'family members' and friends.
The other reason must be because they might superficially felt having perform their fourth pillar of Islam in the heat Arabian countries would bring them closer to god. Oh well....

Anyway, travelling inbound and outbound of Doha airport is something that I look forward to, and basically despised it.
Ever since the news of the launching of it's new international airport made known in 2012, I have been eager to not have a 'no pop in and out of bus' and that draggy climbing the steps up to the cabin.
I have on several occasions travelled while carrying seventh months tums, or with an infant and a small  child avec huge carry-ons with milk and those baby essentials, in the same time trying to make sure my child climb the steps properly -- this is not an easy task.
I hated it every time.

This however not including the pushing and squeezing of those less civilised people from some African continent and Indian for the bus although being asked by the usherer to line up -- men and women alike.
They're like a hoard of goat squeezing themselves thru the door pushing kids and others less 'adventurous' aside. It is a joke and I wonder whether they know the seats are all already calculated and none will sit on the floor or ride on the wings!..
Gosh.. I can carry on about their behaviour forever.

I have had travelled thru Doha airport in 2000, and believe me, the crowds then were ten folds compare to now. The country wan't known, and the airport was very small although the bus to bring us to the plane is still there.

With the expected launching being postponed many time, which is not surprising in this country, it was made known that other airlines shall 'officiates' the runaways and gradually Qatar Airways will start using it. Im not sure why though. Might be their way of letting the rat run it first..duuhhh..

Anyway, there is a piece of good news as the airport will be run by Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) thru their subsidiary which won a $25.89m contract mid last year.
Although the contract is for three years, they might be able to run it another three more years with an extension worth $27.98m.

Although second targeted opening in December 2013 didn't materialised yet agin after the failed one in December 2012 -- all in all this would be good for MAHB after its recent abrupt termination at the Maldives’ Ibrahim Nasir International Airport.

Hoping to once again not hopping in and out of bus this year....

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