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"I really have to admire parents who have maintained their children in the national schools, especially when they are not Malays. My daughter spent eight months in a national school before we had to pull her out. We had become increasingly alarmed at the type of racial-toned language she had started to use. Obviously she was being indoctrinated every day with the idea of racial superiority of only one community, hers. We felt we could not counter this effectively ourselves so eventually transfered her to a private school. It's not perfect and we were very sad to have to do it but we really didn't want her to grow up in that toxic environment.".....

Browsing thru some blogs i found this quite intriguing post on the quite sensitive (as they the racist put it) situation; racial divide in this country.
The writer of this post is a well known person. The father is a very prominent and respected person. Being someone's prominent offspring, one would likely get to be prominent themselves naturally due to the unavoidable (lime) light.

What i found to be interesting is that her posting on the 'deformity' of the national school.
Probably this was done with her comparing her school-days time to the current ones. Being so much far apart in age, i must say, and having left school not so long ago which is in late 80s', i must say again, that this blogger is quite exaggerative in her comprehension about the national school.

This blogger should just admit it that being from where she came from, it is just not the "in-thing" to send their children to ordinary school (national school). People know and read about well off people and even the education minister himself are sending their children to international or private school for the "elitness" of it.
Thus is does make sense that people with their "social standing" would not and will try to avoid sending their kids to ordinary school, which is Malaysia public school.
I know few of these lot of people personally and even have relations doing so.

But what im trying to establish here is why on earth this blogger mentioned "the type of racial-toned language" that the daughter uttered after spending ONLY eight months in national school.

My questions are;

1. The daughter is quite old to be just starting school and where did she go to school before that eight months? Is she having any sort of problem mixing around thus making her hop school?

2. How can she pick-up those "racial-toned" language for that short of a time?

3. Meaning all those successful people in Malaysia and all those best students with Dean's list who studied in universities here and abroad came from "private school" and not national school?

My prognosis on what this blogger is trying to imply here are as follows;

1. Her daughter must have a been a frustrated kid due to the parents strict rules trying hard to mould their daughter to fit to their own 'dream-daughter' person.

2. Due to her retaliation towards the parents, she became rebellious and that is why she picked up all these 'racial-toned' language for such a short period of time in national school. Because, if this blogger is trying to imply that the 'superior' race and teachers are the reasons that the daughter are being 'indoctrinated that her's is the superior race", it just make no sense at all.
I have been in school too, where the majority is the other race than mine and experience the 80s and 90s which isn't far from the millennium. I do not think children of school going age would be as racial as the blogger's assumption.

And i do not think that its the teachers because besides the short period of each subject; the teacher wouldn't have time to incite any 'racial-toned' understandings amongst the children unless the daughter had been sent to a wrong and very remote national school somewhere in the east-coast where the states are run by an Islamic political party.

3. Lastly, these 'toxic environment' in national school that the one that produces good well-recognised Malaysians locally and abroad. Much much before the "private school" fever hit the market. And do not blame the teachers or school for your children's unfortunate schooling experience.
All you know, she had been picking it up from within.

The blogger also mentioned;

"I realised that perhaps in our schools today, Muslim kids and non-Muslim kids are having very different experiences. The Muslim kids were constantly subject to endless religious classes as well as constant talk about the difference ( and yes, the superiority) between them and their non-Muslim schoolmates. While non-Muslim kids generally have a more 'normal' school life where they are pretty much left alone to pursue all regular school activities so they like school better. "....

Lets get real here.
It is a must for all Muslim students to attend the religious classes, but then how many times and total hours it took per week? It is not even two full hours per week!
And while it is a must to attend those classes in national school, it is however optional for them in private religious classes which is conducted out of the schooling time and all at the parent's discretion.

How can this person claimed that what makes the national school going kids are more racist came from constant talk about the "racial superiority between them and the non-Muslim schoolmates"?
Who the hell would talk about all this racial things when school children are ever too busy with their studies, co-curriculum activities and whatnots.

This blogger assumption on what had turned out of her daughter after going to national school for just eight months is utter nonsense and is a very lopsided point of view.
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