Thursday, 4 September 2008


Snippets - Che Det

The Malay leaders especially the current government must have become a total coward lot nowadays. They dont mind losing their dignity and pride.
I do not understand why they must be apologising for one chap "mistake" (as claimed by the other party leaders),it might be just slip of tongue. Why must spin the situation?

The ultimate is when cheap skate deputy PM was spit with 'non-acceptance of apologies rendered'. !
The big headed and opportunistic chinese leaders do not want to accept their apology instead pressing for the big mouth guy to come out of his hiding and offer his sincere apology. Gosh. How embarrassing and lack respect.

First thing is; this Malay guy was breed by Abdullah Badawi, so no surprise that he can come out with such silly statement knowingly that particular race will harp on anything with "racial" sentiment at all (as they understand it or otherwise).
Now, why would Najib so hurriedly making such apologies?Ooopppsss.....wait, i forgot that he is one one Abdullah's minister who'd sometime come out with stupid and ridiculous statement on the nation's general affairs.
No wonder.

This is a sad story for the Malays. It is the beginning of their downfall in their own country, where their forefather's fight for the freedom of this land while the others especially the chinese just wait and watch and most of them are busy joining the Bintang Tiga.
Now they dreamt into making Malaysia the second Singapore. No doubt at all.

Chinese are a very opportunistic people.
They themselves admitted that they thought the Malays and other race in this country are slower than them, thus making it easy for them to snatch whatever is in front of them.

It is the same if one were to compared on how they choose their food. They'll grab and eat everything that moves. Whatever. And we know that the only thing straight about the chinese is their hair.

I do not say this by copying publicly known facts instead I know this because I befriended them. I have been into their families and houses and i feel more comfortable with them rather than my own race.
I know their culture, what they expect in love and lives, how they feel and what they plan to do for their future undertakings.
90% of them doesn't have loyalty to this country.
90% of them wanted to be citizen in another country.

History has told us how the opportunistic chinese managed to raised from just being coolies in Singapore to what they are now. This a a very dangerous species of human kind. They will do anything and everything to get to what they dream getting or even fighting for their rights when they don't have much to fight.
They are the Asian jews.

The Malays will be doomed by this race.
Like how doomed the Malays economically in their own land.

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