Monday, 26 April 2010

C'est la vie...

C'est la vie....the familiar sentence we so often heard or mention when we don't have anymore answer or clue to what is happening and being done the way they were.

Something that I think also goes along the line of things that we can't dwell too much, in this case, about our existence from Adam and Eve to who knows who the last baby(s) that was being born at today's stroke of midnight...(and i wonder how many more would that be).
Around the world.
Rural and urban.
Registered or otherwise.

All I know from my sparse knowledge, we human were created to run on the face of earth as His obedient servant to carry on managing the world rightfully and when the time comes, we will definitely will be called back to Him.

Even though, how better we think we are, we human will always be the destructive lot.
We are the creator of our own variety of stigma. We are never-ending chasing for glory in our own way. Chasing for power and accomplishments. We are envious. We are materialistic. Selfishly inconsiderate and just name it ~ we have it all in us. Little or more.

C'est la vie my friend...

I must say, it is quite a frustrating journey sitting on my couch reading and watching the news on whatever is happening near and far. From the act of God to inhumane act of human.
From suicide bombings to state one's idiocy, to missiles firing at each another and dumping of newborn babies by person who call themselves human.

I have read about endless stories about dead babies found in a dumpster.
Some hoards by ants or found scavenging by dogs or cats.
How many young child as young as seven years of age found raped and sodomised and killed by animals in disguise?

I'm perplexed at why with advancement in life, human won't be able to human anymore.
Perhaps, this is what God have promised for the human race and those whom allows sickness, greed and lust shrouding their life.

Living somewhere far with a slow steady life somewhere at the fringe of town where my skies were blanketed by the tree tops and my grounds are covered with greens away from destructive human race ~ both emotionally and mentally is indeed my ultimate hope in life....c'est la vie.
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