Monday, 12 April 2010

SEX and the Malays

KUALA TERENGGANU: Anal beads, dildos, vibrators and sex dolls – these are some of the sex gadgets said to be peddled to students of a university here.
They even have prostitutes catering exclusively for the undergraduates.

Amrie Amanah, who recently graduated with a degree in information technology at the university, alleged that these sex toys, some sold for as low as RM50, were being peddled by a group of seniors in clandestine transactions often outside the university’s compound.

“The seniors have links with other universities in the East Coast and they even arrange for sexual partners for a sum,” the 26-year-old from Kelantan told The Star here yesterday.

Amrie said the seniors sourced the gadgets from a neighbouring country and stored them at a home in Gong Badak here.

He claimed that a 28-year-old student led the group of seniors to promote the gadgets to other students, adding:
“I knew of their activities some two years ago but was not bold enough to come forward as I was still a student then. I decided to expose their wrongdoings once I graduated,” he said.

Amrie said the leader of the “syndicate” was from Perak and had been at the university for the last seven years, currently pursuing his Masters.

“They have links with other universities and I believe they even operate a prostitution ring catering exclusively for undergraduates,” he said.

He claimed that the group members at his former university were all men and had a close rapport with another university in Terengganu in which the members were entirely female.
When prompted, Amrie managed to buy a silicone penis ring dubbed the “Prince Albert ring” for RM50 on the spot from one of the seniors.

He said the seniors operated until late at night and gadgets were available on the spot. Rooms (outside the university grounds) would be made available at a sum.
“It’s a well-organised syndicate where all arrangements are made for students seeking sexual pleasure anytime,” he said.


Now, that really make me believe that people from all these places outside big towns are very sexually-inclined lots. Correct me if im wrong.
Well, at least these university students are above 17 years of age and can have sex with whoever and 'whatever' they preferred, but what about those found having orgies in one of Kedah's remote kampung area?

This story which happened many years back were not made public but was told by a cousin who was then the head of one religious department in the northern area of Peninsular.
Those girls and boys aged as young as 15 till 19 were found in a house in some small kampung.

And the MOST interesting part is, this kind of social ills came only from one race ~ the champion ~Malays~ because the other race(s) are studying hard to get by in the country, or for the rich ones, straight away enroll themselves into overseas universities. is utterly humiliating having to read about all this things, and what more when it come from my own race.

There are news about students selling dope, offering free sex for drugs and now this...
Perhaps it is true that all these sickness and horny affect in the younger generations was due to too much of hormonoes intake via cultivated foodstuff such as chicken etc...

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