Thursday, 22 April 2010

Techie Mystery: Why Did Israel Ban the iPad?

This is very interesting indeed.
Wonder what is behind all this hoohaas....
Anyway, talking about technology, I just had conversation with a friend regarding all this gadgets which mushrooming as the technology grows and remember sharing some story about my own 'gadget thing' during my fastlane time late 90s -- the PDA.

I remember that, it was like a silent No-No to carry along your all handsome black (or mine which was strong turqouise) leather filofax or orgniser and taking out a compact handheld PDA from the tote was the In thing which would surely attract the big guys you're having meeting or discussion with those days.

Nevertheless, after less than seven months of using it, I had it kept aside and later sold to someone. The reason?
PDA or personal digital assistants will never be a replacements for paper day planners!
I remember how it was totally unreliable, when you use it too much and the battery will goes off, when you want to scribble important notes and it'll get too crowded because the page and stylus doesn't work as accordingly as how a pen work along lined-pages....
It's mere 'show-off' I'd say.
Just like all the big bulky phones like iPhone, Blackberry and whatnots that they have in the market today; which FYI all started from a PDA phone long long time ago. If none of you know ~ it was PDA cum phone and that rang like a siren.

Yup, I admit it.
I can say that I am a bit of a technology junkie and would have my hands on interesting related gadgetery, but honestly, gadgets is just a way of attracting consumer to spend and keep on spending more.
From PDA to disc walkman to recently MP3 player -- in the end all will go down in a box on top of the cabinet.

I guess, some of us will definetely just get over all gadgetery and find that the conventional way of doing certain things still is the best way of doing things.

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