Thursday, 29 April 2010

Porky Pork

Got this news from the Star Malaysia.
It tickles my funny bones after I've been left dried with uninteresting news and news about crimes and social ills.
This certainly made my day!

Read also my opinion....ha ha ha

Pork prices to go up if no new farms .

JOHOR BARU: The price of pork will continue to increase if the government does not allow more pig farms to be opened soon, said the Malaysia Pork Sellers’ Association.

Its chairman Goh Chui Lai said the price of the meat in Malaysia was now 30% higher than in Thailand, Vietnam, China and the Philippines.

“In fact since January, the price has increased from RM7.60 to RM7.90 per kg,” he said, adding that the government’s move to import pork from Canada and Europe did not help to bring down the price.

Speaking at a press conference here yesterday, Goh said pork in Thailand was sold at RM600 per 100kg, and about RM550 per 100kg in Vietnam and China.

“The government should give more permits for pig farms,” he said, adding that price increase for pork would burden the people.

Johor Baru Small Business Association president Chin Yoke Weng said if price for the meat continued to increase, consumers might find other alternatives.

“Then hawkers will have to stop selling pork,” he said.

Chin hoped the government would look into the matter before the Duan Wu Festival next month as then there would be a huge demand for the meat to make dumplings.

How could they asked for more pork farm?
And I doubt this is for own consumption. Must be some motives of hiding pork meat ~ just like hiding of flour and sugar ~ habits of Malaysia middlemen or productions line in order to get their motives materialised.

Maybe, what they meant was not enough for export to Singapore. Everybody know the tiny republic is keeping their environment clean and import porky pork from Malaysia.

And I do not think the price is high at all.
Whenever Im back home and want to do some cooking, I'd pay RM8.00++ per kg for my kampung chicken what is RM7.90 for a kg of that meat.

Why by increasing the permit would help consumer, when, all you need to do is buy and eat less of that meat. As we all know, pork meat contains all sort of bacteria / germ that can't be eliminated even by cooking at the highest degree of heat.

Pig is also filthy and smell like hell and eat on filthy feeds.
Obviously it is not good for consumption.
I mean like, we have beef, chicken, lamb and all other sort of meat available.
Decreasing in eating that meat won't hurt.
All pork eaters should do is, get use to eating other kind of meat....just like now, there are more people eating organics, becoming vegans, and more selective of their meat intake.

And prawns combine with chicken goes nicely in any dumplings....
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