Sunday, 22 June 2014

Lucky people.

Qataris at Souq Waqif

If my memory serves me well, I remember reading that Qatar is one of three countries in the Gulf, in fact in the world that pays high wages to skilled expats.

The intentions of sharing this is just to indicate the differences in income between the locals and expats. Unlike my home country Malaysia, where the expats gets higher pay than their local counterpart -- although the locals are doing similar job with better qualifications.

Probably Malaysia will never cease to adopt the "Kera di hutan disusukan, anak dirumah mati kelaparan" translation will bring the meaning of a human child will die of starvation while the monkey in the jungle being fed milk by the human -- or the mother...or whoever.

See, with an average Qatari household earns QR72,700 ($19,918) a month, nearly three times the average expat household income of QR24,400 ($6,685) and when taking into account housing, free electricity and water, the Qatari income figure increases to QR88,200 ($24,164).

What happen is, when these locals gets their special increment, the last one happened just when the Arabs Spring started in Syria couple of years back, the items food and related provisions will automatically increases too.

The average Qatari household surveyed was made up of 8.7 people, more than twice the size of the average expat household of 4.3 people – a difference that may help explain the expenditure and earnings gaps between the two groups.

The studies also  shows that a Qatari household will spend on average QR49,600 ($13,589) a month, while the average expat household will spend QR18,000 ($4,932).

But among all the survey findings, I found one interesting fact -- the biggest single expense for the average Qatari household is transport and communications, which account for one-fifth of its monthly budget i.e.  QR9,560.
And, you would think that too because you won't fail to see any one of them, men or women, not talking or texting at any point of time.

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