Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Petronas and a non-virgin wife.

The caption which read "Petronas in discussion with Sarawak govt on royalty" somehow churned my thought on how this will help the 'publicly pitiful' ex-wife of the son of Sarawak's King Taib claim for RM400 million payout for her divorce settlement case.

Petronas, the government oil and gas owned company, will conduct a special briefing on the royalty with the state government soon and although the decision on the monetary increase has yet to be made but with federal government's allocation of RM3 billon for Sarawak --  I bet every eyes and mouth would be gawking by now.

The counsel for the sister of once famous jazz singer should know what to do and where to hit next.

In his defend to not pay amount she wanted, the son of Taib Mahmud said he discovered his estranged wife was not a virgin on their wedding night on January 9, 1992 -- Thank god they didn't go to the extend of stating the actual time and and what they wear that night. God Almighty!

On the political side of it, I reckon the federal government will definitely find it easier to gather more votes for Barisan Nasional for the next General Election.

Que sera sera....
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