Thursday, 26 June 2014

The real crash of Malaysian Airlines.

History is slowly showing.
The truth will prevail.
Im a true believer of the second line. Especially when we're made mum in situations of better to retreat then to die.

The national carrier, Malaysia Airlines’ (MAS) is facing their at the brink (it has been almost all the years there anyway) and the only option to ensure survival is by making radical changes to its business structure -- that was what indicated by the sorrow-ridden chief executive Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, suggesting that the changes could be 'anything from spinning off certain divisions,filing for bankruptcy to privatisation'.

That must be the most crystal clear admission made by MAS top gun ever since. With more than 10 years in red,  Ahmad Jauhari indicated the cruciality of the situation saying 'it is not good enough to take the airline to the future'.
And I reckoned that must have been assisted by all the gloom surrounding the to-date still missing MH370.

There are also news that the airline's selling its maintenance, repair and overhaul division, MAS Engineering, as part of its plan to return to profitability -- which I think would not help much after years and years of net-profit loss.
Honestly, receiving continuous monetary help from the government has prove to be futile and will not help much either.
Why should the government want to carry the burden when the money helping a limp company can be channeled somewhere else?

People might be in the dark of what actually going on in the company, but simple conclusions can be summed up when it comes to this carrier's history. To say that they offered very cheap seats, nope.
To say they provide the best meals onboard?...Nope -- but maybe they've been overcharged by the contracts caterers, which probably too are related to those people with interest.
Are they losing to Air Asia -- maybe in certain sectors.

But all must be tailing back to 15 years ago.
As they say, history will show....

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