Saturday, 28 June 2014


The summer holiday's here finally and I can feel some weight lifted off my shoulders.
Two reason mainly.
One -- I will be spared the early rush preparing snack boxes for the kiddo and trying to be creative with what kind of snack to be packed daily in order for her to eat.

Second -- I was so looking forward for my kid to end this term because of her so 'overwhelming' class teacher. Oh yes...
She is so overwhelmingly not interested to teach, no dedication, lack of everything I would say. Oh, I can carry on with this...
I've had several experience with this particular teacher.
My kid was sent to another club because her normal one was cancelled, resulting in her coming home an hour later, sending me worrying calling the school whatnot. Besides the occasional news regarding academic activities and programmes informed late not at all, queries written in daily students dairy ignored and replied few days later by the key stage head teacher ... I can carry on.

Despite knowing I could take the matter further, especially when almost everything was in black and white, and despite expressed dissatisfaction in writing via the student's daily diary-- this mat salleh, even though they contradict themselves -- they're mat salleh -- they will definitely say they're right and they will definitely back each other up.
No matter what.

Maybe because of the authoritarian and colonialism, plus the distant and unwelcoming self are still thick in them towards the lesser (in their eyes) nationalities, the darker skins from other continents -- especially the Asians.
Can't blame them, really.
Most Asian are the kow-tow type and will trust the brunet and blue eyed better -- in any occasion.
Maybe they felt insecure especially when this Brits splurt their accent or deep 'kampung' way of talking.

It was just yesterday I was having a small chat with another expat wife here informing me that two of her kid were sent to Doha to attend an international school. Her youngest who is the same age as mine will probably follow the elder sibling footsteps.

Dedications, methods of teaching and learning and the commitment of the students per se.
After a while I can see the slacking side of this British run school.
No doubt they adopted a different angle of teaching compared to result oriented Asian schools or schools in my home country. I salute that. BUT it is applicable only for the lower stages of schooling life.
With bookless scholing, internet researching there are pro and cons of it.
But certain emphasis is just not there; very easy example is writing skills.
That, I guess maybe one of the reason why the Mat Salleh's handwriting is so bad and ugly.

My conclusions of all these would be due to their short stint.
Majority of them are young, adventure must be going to countries such as the Gulf (or now China and heard the latest Kazakhstan) which does not include producing high achievers in their classes -- After two or three years they will move on to another country.
That amount of teaching will not make a teacher engage in the real dedication of teaching.
Unlike those older ones who have a different approach and are more concern in student's achievements.

There is this phrase I like to use depicting unsavoury situations such as this  -- ‘Wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am’ -- And that is how I describe these (not all but most) teachers.

It's all about fun in the sun.
With 10 minutes drive to the beach and booze on the weekends or Wednesdays added on with clubs or all sort from diving, to yachting, to boating and golfing and you just name it -- Im pretty sure they're having a hell of a time here -- unlike the cloudy skies of where they come from.
And their occasional HashRun...oh so typical British.
Even the non Mat Salleh British seems to adopt this mentality too.
Must be so colonised them all...

Oh well.
Let's leave that aside.

I was actually quite surprise to learnt that parents have to fork out QR200 to QR 500 for an application form to other international schools in Doha.
It bewildered me.
Why so expensive?
Is it because they know they can reap off the parents pocket who have got limited choices...that to me is unbelievable.
Paying that much does not mean you're secured a seat even.
Earning QR20,000 a month and without special arrangement with companies -- educations will be a BIG burden here.

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