Friday, 28 August 2009

Allah, Ya Rabbi!

I'm just in the moods of bashing at all sort of obtuseness today; intentionally or unintentionally done. First of all, I humbly admit that I am just another person with my own perception and opinion about several things in life, to the extend of being a wee too opinionated -- sometimes.

But this particular subject had remained fresh ever since the wake of it sometime in 2007. To me, this matter was brought over to a level by certain quarters simply trying their luck to just push the button of religious sensitiveness in a country that consist of three main races and where practicing their religious beliefs are allowed freely, although the country claimed to the world that its official religion is Islam.

So the subject that I found most suitable would be the use of the word Allah by a catholic church in Malaysia which ensued them into suing the government for banning them from the word Allah in their weekly bulletin and perhaps sermons too.
According to them fools, the banning of using the word is "the prohibition is unconstitutional and against freedom of religion".

What is a freedom of religion?
Aren't they already given that freedom in Malaysia?
This is not freedom of religion, but rather a freedom for them to misused the word "Allah" which in Arabic means 'the only God'.
And for obvious reason -- to conquer the Malay-Muslim folks by the way of confusing them (those weaklings) to believe that the Christians also pray to Allah, so lets embrace Christianity!

It is known world wide even during the prophets time that that particular word is use by the Muslim to call the God Allah. Even we say it in our prayers. We didn't say the other 98 names.
Thus why suddenly you Christians want to mock us Muslim?
Did it stated in your Bible that Jesus pray to Allah and fought to death in order to use that word to call his God?
Anyway, you Christians must admit that Jesus @ Isa is praying to one God and it is Allah, no matter how you wanna twist and turn your 10 commandments.
And he never fought to use the word ain't it?
He just said that there is one God and it is Allah.

No other missionaries before you, all those ancient period and centuries and decades, who are original Christians by hereditary had asked to name your Christian God in their sermon as "Allah".
And why now suddenly, you Christians, whom mostly in Malaysia are of ethnic Chinese (with Buddhist as your original centuries old belief) or Indian and other pagan whom later seek God in Christianity wanted so hard to name your god Allah?

Do you think t is wrong for me to condemn your religion because you are trying to do the same to mine?
It is my right to condemn you people who support this because there are no other better intentions that you want this to materialised except to confuse and take advantage of the weak believers!

I bet the big guy of Christians missionaries knows 60% of the Malaysian population comprises of Muslim, thus taking this dumb effort trying to tap the market in order to enable them (the missionaries) better credits so they can admit themselves to heaven!
Ain't it right Father?

It is known that this type of issues are considered sensitive and the christians are just pushing their luck.

And it is just so funny that your catholic weekly The Herald, must have a Malay-language section, when you non-Malays had never give any effort at all in learning the Malay language -- you experience and witness this deficiencies among the cabinet Ministers, call centres idiots and cheapskate salesman.

So why would you have a Malay-section?

Was is just because the weak government allowed those Malay-Muslims to convert quietly as per their constituted rights upon reaching the age of 18 year? And you see some way to slither through it?

The smart alec editor, Lawrence Andrew, to me is just a jerk whom had been manipulated to manifest his own confusion towards his religion Christianity. He must be listening to some group of devilish advisers, and persistently want to make this matter as a big issue, in order to gain international support.

The basic of Christianity is Jesus.
You pray and hailed him GREATER than God himself!
You pray for your Holy Spirits and all.
So why bother about changing God's name, whom you Christian always refer to as just -- god?

That Andrew guy also reiterated the paper's stance that Malay-speaking Christians have long used the word, which has roots in Arabic and predates Islam.
Is it not Malay- speaking Christians actually is the Malay converts.
Why not just say it?
And why not i suggest you to just take any of the other 98 names available?
Good God!

According to him the newspaper does use Allah in quotes from the (Malay-language) Bible and no one can tell them that they cannot quote from the Bible. "That would be a gross violation of our rights," he said....
Again, the Christians are given the freedom to practice in this country.
To build their churches at any precedented area...what kind of right do they expect more from an 'officially' Islamic religion country?

He stand to enlarged the confusion of Christians to the extend of believing that he could be able to get a 'legal endorsement' and its Constitutional right to use "Allah."

On the other hand i wonder why the government of Malaysia, who claimed Islam as official religion of the country -- to ban one Islamic publication those days, yet allowed The Herald to continue circulations? Contradicting moves never fails to amuse me.

A church in Sabah state in eastern Malaysia has separately also sued the government for preventing it from using the word "Allah" in its Malay-language literature. The church says the ban violates the freedom of religion guaranteed by the Constitution.
I wonder whether the Constitution does mention about the use of name of god too.

This confusion created to satisfy the lust to conquer the world's other religion, had somehow succeeded after the weak government of Malaysia in February this year had succumbed YET AGAIN to the need of others into condemning the 'official religion' that seems to be not so special anymore in Malaysia, by allowing the catholic church to use the word Allah " as long as they specify the material is not for Muslims"....hahahaha.....the government can be a joke.

This is not about race but this is JUST about religion.
And they succumbed to it too.
I wonder who Najib the Prime Minister is afraid of...

There you go Islam, and Muslim people.
There goes another failure to hail the religion in a country that claimed the 'official' religion is Islam.

According to the dumb Home Minister, the weekly bulletin that is being published in English, Mandarin, Tamil and Malay with an estimated readership of 50,000 and THE NEED to use the word Allah was for those indigenous pagan are Christian in the eastern states of Sabah and Sarawak.

Home Minister Syed Hamid should just take a long term vacation.
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