Monday, 17 August 2009


Fitting In in a Military Life Alongside Men

There are women’s bathrooms and showers, alongside the men’s. Married couples live together. The base’s clinic treats gynecological problems and has, alongside the equipment needed to treat the trauma of modern warfare, an ultrasound machine.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are the first in which tens of thousands of American military women have lived, worked and fought with men for prolonged periods. Wars without front lines, they have done more than just muddle the rules meant to keep women out of direct enemy contact.

So what is the big deal about their women fighting for the 'make believed wars' when all that they can do is just be back home, work at any of their big corporations or farm (most of them are of deprived families), be with their families and enjoy their weekends together, and watch their kids and husbands play their only true game -- American Football!

The United States, the policeman of the world aka RoboCop who had been wishing and creating and who knows might even have in their secret test area millions of RoboCops which will be sent to all the Gulf and Middle east countries so they can create more trouble -- typical of a big bully who doesn't have any qualms at killing innocent child and women and men that tried hard to defend their countries from being raped by this one-eyed evil so they'd be able to suck all the oil to themselves and their allies...France to name one..).

They had been sending tens of thousands young military men and women and thousands more who had die of an unfortunate cause because they love their rotten country and President
and because of their greed to be the world's No 1 and the only RoboCop in this universe.

This piece of story really tickle my funny bones to the extend that i wanted to puke of disgust as i think it is totally absurd, and not even news worthy, when there are lots of other news or article that would reflect the true grieve they are facing back in Iran or Afghan.

Dumb Dumb!!
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