Sunday, 16 August 2009

Long live politicians...long live corruptions...

MACC man fed up with politicians
Farrah Naz Karim

PUTRAJAYA: Accusations of bias, negative public perception and the immense pressure on the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has got the better of its investigations chief, Datuk Shukri Abdull.

An exasperated Shukri threw a bombshell yesterday: the MACC will
stop investigating politicians, indefinitely. (these politicians namely the UMNO members was very excited somewhere early this year when they came out with a letter to the body asking to be 'left alone', and that investigations into several party members had in a way affect and 'tarnish' their 'clean image'......funny!)

Shukri, who is also one of the graft-fighting body’s commissioners, said he and his men felt they could not carry out their duties effectively in cases involving politicians as they were being slammed no matter what they did.
(i wonder what will be the PM reaction towards this issue. would he say something 'safe' or would he stand on this body and defend their predicament?.....we shall wait!)

Public scorn, he said, was another reason for the decision.
(Obviously, we the public want to see some idiots being reprimanded for their mistakes and 'bribe-happy' attitude. Of course we wouldn't want to accept any reasons especially when it is ' lack of information or proof'. What is slacking are not those but your integrity and your work attitude.....So, prove us wrong.)

Shukri said although the decision was personal, he had informed his top bosses in the commission. (i wonder how he as the boss can make such decision on a 'personal' platform. It's kinda unprofessional isn't it?....what happen to the rest of the board members or managers ideas or perceptions on this matter?)

However, he added, he would suggest new terms of reference for dealing with politicians next week. The terms of reference will include a separate mechanism for handling corruption cases involving politicians.

"I am frustrated. We will stop probing all politicians, across the political divide, indefinitely. I am dead serious about this. (i bet politicians will be jumping sky high euphorically
with this premature decision)
"We have never asked for acknowledgement but we have been continuously whacked from all sides for doing our job.

"We have been giving it our all, working seven days a week, even during Hari Raya, but the manipulations have affected us so badly that my officers and I just cannot go on like this," Shukri, who has been with the anti-graft agency for 25 years, said.

He even went to the extent of saying he would quit his job if circumstances forced his hand. (hhmmm...he must be dead serious)

His main frustration is over the no-win situation in which the MACC is mired in.

"When we cannot charge anyone due to lack of evidence, they say we are covering up to protect the interests of certain quarters. When we do, they say we have conspired to sabotage. What are we to do?"
(typical accusations from jilted accusers and somehow can't be denied after all, when the transparency and clarity of investigated cases left too much unanswered questions and doubt)

Even before the passing of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009, which transformed the Anti-Corruption Agency into the MACC, it had been under siege.

The most recent case involves the death of Teoh Beng Hock, the political aide to Selangor state executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah of DAP. Teoh's body was found soon after MACC had questioned him, in the same building in which the MACC Selangor headquarters is located.

Many people blame MACC for his death. Following a public outcry, the government initiated an inquest into his death and decided to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into the interrogation methods of MACC. (probably this must also be one of his reason to blew up and decided to drop the bomb this time?....)

MACC has also been accused by the opposition of being a tool of Barisan Nasional, claiming that the commission merely went after politicians from the opposition. Such accusations were made despite MACC releasing records showing that the number of opposition-related people probed for alleged graft paled in comparison with those from BN.

Asked about the case of Wong Chuan How, the aide to Selangor executive council member Ronnie Liu, who said that he would present himself at MACC's headquarters here on Aug 20, Shukri said Wong "could just forget about it".

Wong was to have assisted in MACC's probe into alleged abuse of development funds totalling RM500,000 by several assemblymen.

The Sepang municipal councillor was involved in a scuffle with MACC officers on Friday where he injured his leg after allegedly trying to resist arrest.
(how hard some tried to deny their wrongs...why did he entered into such behaviour if he is not guilty?)
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