Saturday, 1 August 2009

My deepest sympathy.

To be in one's own heart in kindly sympathy with all things; this is the nature of righteousness.

-- Confucius

As Confucius puts it....'to sympathise with all things'.
Thus I would like to express my deepest sympathy to some people.
This sympathy note, however has nothing to do and not related to any loss of the love ones in their life but more of a expression of pity to the individual themselves.

I sympathised those people who try so hard to fit in the shoes which is not theirs. Trying hard to fit it to where they don't belong. Trying to be the person who they are not. Trying their utmost best to be creative making up and making believe that they posses something that they are not, which sooner or later they will be caught up in their own web of deception, and eventually will be found out by people surrounding.

Perhaps it was due to peer pressure. But than again, peer pressure should only existed during the teenagers life and not as an adult. Perhaps it was because they are afraid to lose. Perhaps also, they wanted to stand at the same height and sit along the same bench with those that they admire. Maybe. This is just my summary of people attitude and aptitude.

I sympathised those people who try so hard to be what they are not.
Trying to compose certain temperament so that it constitute a make-believe personality that they tried hard to portray. It's a pity that these people do not and perhaps too drowned in their made-believe disposition, did not realised that their behaviour, personal disposition, verbal aptitude did not match their basis of claims.
It's is a pity when the façade they put up began to slowly crumbled.

Aren't they afraid of others perception?
Aren't they afraid of the consequences?
Or possibly, they might think that they are surrounded by inarticulate people to take notice of their fabricated disposition?.....I awfully feel pity for them.

What is wrong being your true self?
What is wrong for you to be truthful to others and especially to your own sorry-self?
What is wrong if you don't have what it takes to be where 'you think' you belong to?
What is wrong if you are just your plain self?

It is better to be your truthful self than being what you're not which later would eventually prevail?

Didn't the tag "The truth will prevail" inject some consciousness to one conscience?

Perhaps this is one of the symptoms of mental disturbance that is on rise due to the attempt 'to be the best & to be better than the rest' and battle to be seen and respected without even giving a thought to their own principles and values, if they have one.

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