Wednesday, 5 August 2009

I hate PIGS

People will be updated on H1N1 situation.

THE people were told not to panic over the spread of the influenza A (H1N1) virus in the state, which has affected 135 people.

State Women's Affairs, Community Development and Health Committee chairman Norpipah Abdol told the house that the health authorities are "on their toes" to control the spread of the virus.

"As of Sunday, 129 Malaysians had been infected and six foreigners.

"The most important thing is to get the correct information on H1N1 out to the people.

"They must be told what symptoms to look for and the precautions they should take, such as wearing a mask and washing their hands regularly.

"We are going to all four corners of the state to put up posters, distribute pamphlets and hold dialogues.

"We are also using the local radio station to create awareness, and we have placed rural, district and community health centres on high alert to diagnose cases of H1N1 quickly."

In reply to a question by Betty Chew Gek Cheng (DAP-Kota Laksamana), Norpipah said the state government and the state Health Department would keep the people updated on the situation.

She said the Health Department was also screening all entry points to the state, such as Batu Berendam Airport and the ports of Quayside, Tanjung Beruas, Kuala Linggi and Sungai Rambai.

Of the 135 confirmed cases, she said 65 were treated at Malacca Hospital and the remaining 70 were placed in home quarantine.


I'm sighing every time reading about this flu updates.
Here in Qatar there had been one death already. A local chap whom had just arrived from Dubai. He was quite young in the thirties, but succumbed to the viral attacked. It was said that he was an obese. Perhaps the body immune system wasn't strong enough to fight this disease.

Since me and my family will be heading back home for half of the Ramadhan and Eid celebration soon, I'm thinking of ways and means on how i can counter any interaction or having to stand near to people. I can't actually.
I'm able to avoid crowds at the check-in counter via the online check-in, where passenger need not to line, but just chuck our luggages for check-ins.But going through the immigration department would be horrible.It is small, very suffocating, very crowded and unpleasant at all.

One thing for sure, the summer holiday here, which will end soon, will definitely see loads of people travelling back into the country from around the world especially the Western countries and, these countries are the places which had the highest death and cases at the moment.

I can refrain from being near anyone in the airport as much, but i am incapacitated when someone sitting on the next row, or along the row in the airplane coughing or sneezing.....duhhhh.

And the most susceptible person to this flu are the elderly and young children.

Or okay....if i don't mind being the joker, I'll don the face mask like some Chinese back home sometime do (sorry guys; i never see other races doing so!) or during the JE (Japanese encephalitis)a severe viral death spread by mosquito, which obviously originated from what else if not the PIGS.

Yes, it's the bloody pigs again.
We should quell all pigs in the world then?
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