Monday, 10 August 2009

Coming to terms...

With swine flu, and later Black Death scare, the raging Typhoon Morakot slamming into the east coast of China on Sunday with its angry winds of up to 111 miles an hour and disturbing the peace of life of almost a million people, the recent midair collision in New Jersey of a tourist copter and a light aircraft, and the forever fight for supremacy and 'power' in Pakistan, India, Sudan and the non-stop peace talk of Gaza....what more can we ask from our creator?

The on-going tremors on a daily basis and not reported due to the 'slight tremors' and not important earth 'movement' shows that the world is really tired with its inhabitants and the prophecy is showing day by day.

The world is too old and humankind keep on blatantly violating the environment and each another...What more a tiny individual can do when the big powers are out there to ruin the whole beautiful world that is now watching disaster coming in one by one and day after day.

May God be with us all.
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