Friday, 8 November 2013

24 hours ONLY?

Time, time and time....again.

Should some of us ask for an extra hour or two or maybe for those procrastinators, like moi, be given an extra five hours on top of that 24 hours we get everyday?

See, I had, during my studying days genuinely feels like "owh, what a waste for those who sleep..." -- when I realised what that short few hours of sleep can be taken from you, what can we benefited from it instead of going to sleep. And, let me tell you, the things that you studied and memorised during that few short hours -- it definitely stays on until the exam hall.
Yup, I was young.
Yup, there wont be any eye bags, or raccoon-eyed aftermath,  or over dehydrated looking skin on the face and hands, and obviously not that funny shivering feeling you get when you don't sleep at all -- the effect of not sleeping in your mid thirties.


And I have stayed on not sleeping and finishing projects and revision for two consecutive days.

That was not insomniac speaking, rather a procrastinator.

And I thought I was thru with it.

I did.
But I procrastinate on less important thing in life now.
Like my hobbies.
Like the books that I bought and only managed to read 2 out of  7. And still have one bought nearly two years ago wrapped nicely and sitting there on my shelf.

And now my blog....
Realising that I have lesser and lesser log, I hope it wont fall into that category 'of less important'....duhhh.

I shall be back soon.

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