Monday, 25 November 2013

Malaysia Will Go Bankrupt!!

A good read...or at least something to ponder besides thinking why your white hair getting more on the left side, or why your wife has been quite happy lately *check the credit card statement*, or why your husband has been smiling without any reason or having after dinner business meetings besides golf retreat with 'friends' to Batam Indonesia...

Talk or rumours or borak kedai kopi has it since last election...  

PM Confirms Malaysia Will Go Bankrupt Under Him !!
That is how I read it. 
He is not only the PM but he is also the Finance Minister. He is directly responsible not just for the gomen but also over the gomen's financial management. 
The buck stops with him. He cannot taichi it on anyone else. Please dont blame the bloggers, the neighbour's cat or the Sulus.   

This talk has been doing the rounds lately. No less than a State leader (I wont say MB or CM) has said that the gomen is "tapping" urgently on funds from Petronas to sustain operations. In short the gomen has no money. 
The gomen has been spending money like water. But there are not much returns to show for all this spending. Now the PM is saying that without collecting more taxes the gomen will go bankrupt. 
Here is The Star :Najib: It’s either GST or facing bankruptcystark choice of increasing government revenue via (GST) or burdening country by borrowing more money.GST necessary as country risked becoming bankrupt like Greece if it resorted to borrowing“We have to find additional sources of income and that’s why we have to implement the GST” he said 


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