Friday, 15 November 2013

British colonisation will never end.

Oh puhleez….
Who ever says British colonisation has ended?
It never did.

They were once the greatest empire roaming the globe looking for lands and people to colonised and make them their land, disturbing the cultures, repressing stupid and naive rulers, especially in the Malay archipelago and implementing changes that will lead to worst events later on for example bringing in the Jewish to the Palestinian land.
As if they are the king of kings of the world.

Yup, Diana made headlines from her humble beginning as a kindergarten nanny posing in her quite transparent gowns holding a toddler…yes, that still I remember that picture clearly reading it in the newspaper prior to her wedding days which was celebrated worldwide, and telecasted worldwide too.
I mean who wouldn't want to watch the event of the centuries…

Yup, I remember that very well, and that shows how colonised have we all been by the British monarchy.

And, look now.
Kate Middleton's hair?
Owh, give me a break!
First of all, she can not compete her late mother in law in term of beauty and gracefulness.
Yes, all of women during the early 80s were donning Diana Spencer hairstyle.
It was an ultimate style back then.
Im guessing if at that time they sold coloured lenses, these women will definitely get a pair for themselves too.

I was very young then.
In my primary.
And I can still remember well the live telecast I watched in my grandmother's house. It was aired during the daytime. I remembered well because during those days the tv station, there was only two in Malaysia; RTM1 and RTM 2, only start airing late afternoon till 12 midnight.
Yes…this is what 70s kids experience.
No Astro.
No nothing.
And, just imagine and ponder on what kind of mental colonisation can something like that do to you. To young kid.

And the British is continuing their legacy colonising the minds of others, not by their music, not by their economy, but through their royalty.

And Kate Middleton hair?
Nope, I do not think it's worth a try because there nothing to glamorous or exciting about it.

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