Sunday, 15 June 2008


Every one of us will somehow come to a crossroads in life.

It is a point where we will have to decide on things that matters to us such as relationships, family, work and even our spiritual stands.

This will come in a normal person's life maybe once, twice or three times.
Perhaps it is similar to the westerners "midlife crisis" yet less distinctive type.

I have been there too. Twice.

Nevertheless, i cannot foretell should there be any or none in the future. Hopefully not because it wont do good especially to the emotional zone of oneself.

The first one was quite simple and it happened when i was in my early 20s. More of work related, between a well paid one or one which didn't pays well but can offer a larger platform and future in some money making department.

I opted for the latter. I did okay i guess, but that's a long story to tell. The second was a more spiritual moves. That was quite a big decision and happened when i was in my just entering thirty.
It includes deleting acquaintances, and right up to self seclusion.
I still remember those couple of years. It was quite trying but at the end of the day i found my inner self. Maybe not 100 percent but i managed to put a start on it and a stop button on the other.

And i guess everyone of us must have the power of strong will to push that life related button. Once, twice or even three time in our lifetime.

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