Monday, 9 June 2008

Govt on Several of their Mechanisms.

I guess any government will always come out with reassuring(so they thought) statement to their home people whenever something bad struck their country.
These statements meant to let the people know that the government is doing their best and most of the time making sure that the news would always be beautiful and nice to the ears.

I somehow, call this sweeping it under the carpet.
The same action that the government of Abdullah Badawi is doing right now.
They would never rectify the matter but keep on telling the people that their actions are the best and always right.

They thought the people of this country are still the oblivious lot, who doesn't know the actual predicament that the government is facing.
They never thought that word of mouth travels faster than his decision on the recent petrol hike.

People have more opportunity to know about things locally and globally thru the world wide web. People doesn't just read the mainstream media to receive information. As most of the people know, the mainstream media is and will always be under the scrutiny of the government.
Whatever news that doesn't favour them, they will instruct the editor to not publish the story.

Nevertheless, it still amazes me how in the world all these ass-kissing menteris can come out with contradicting and funny statements.

Sad to say that the statement sometime came out of their ass, when they go to shit in the morning, because one with brain would never, ever come out with such statements.

The most famous statement is "Change lifestyle", "Eat less sugar", and so on.

It is my guess too, that they actually forgot to bring along their brain, which they left near the toilet bowl, on the soap dish, before going out of their home to the office.

The below excerpt is also funny, because during those time , we have someone who is really a leader instead of a follower.

"Nor Mohamed said the country had braved through economic slowdowns in 1969, 1974 and 1986, and financial crisis in 1997 with the help of all quarters."

Don't they realise that most of all the "quarters" now had turned their backside on the government already?

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