Saturday, 21 June 2008


"When Ayah retired, he was in financial straits. The Government allocated a bungalow in the Federal Capital for him to stay for life. This was the government quarters at No. 1, Kenny Road (now Jalan Bukit Tunku).
When I became Finance Minister, I felt that as a national icon, Ayah must be given the opportunity to own the house. I discussed the matter with Tun Hussein Onn and it was decided that the house should be sold to Ayah at a special price normally fixed for the benefit of the disadvantaged, namely one-eighth of the market value. Since even that was too expensive for Ayah, I was more than happy to arrange for the money."

The above caption was extracted from Ku Li's blog.
I came across this posting "Tunku Ensured Malays Predominance" and it was posted somewhere in September last year.

There are two things that caught my attention on this late Prime Minister.

1) his was having financial constraint after he left office.
2) that he actually did do something in order to ensure the Malays are still privileged despite what was claimed of him.

It surprises me to know that an ex-government servant, what more, the ex Prime Minister of Malaysia was in fact having money problems. Comparing to the current leaders whereby their assets not just limited to the Malaysian shores but also abroad. That does not include their companies run by proxies, and all other money making amenities. I felt previous leaders are not as greedy and money minded as those of current lot.

I remember one statement which is supposed to be a side menu joke during business meetings; the most 'sengkek' exco member in Selangor must have at least 2 million in their account.
MY KU LI - YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah
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