Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Laman Web Rasmi Pejabat Perdana Menteri Malaysia|Official Website of Prime Minister's Office of Malaysia

This oil price issue have been shadowing us and it became a nightmare with the current government's bullshits and reasoning. Every freaking price went up but our GDP still sucks.

But again, why should the PM, policy makers, MPs and politicians and their cronies should feel the pinch on the price hike. They are taking home more than 30K a month and that does not include their kickback monies, allowances here and there, companies generating money via their proxies.

I once again, would like to express my desire to be either BN,PKR,DAP whatnot politician, so i can sit down and relax and get money coming in to my local and international bank accounts.
Don't bullshit me if you bugger politician esp from the new ruling government (the 5 states) saying you guys will be for the rakyat.
Go and kiss my mother's ass if you really are fight for us rakyat.
So the ordinary rakyat can continued to be "di peras ugut "and "di kerah" to pay toll here and there to get to office, pay high price for our rice (sorry bro, i can't eat less rice and pls DON'T COME OUT WITH STATEMENT ASKING ME TO EAT PASTA ), pay high electricity, and almost every goddamn thing.

I would like, should i have the opportunity to bump into Abdullah, ask him, is this one of his cynical attack to the people because his lost of five states to the opposition, and because he knows his tenure won't be that long anymore and because he is migrating to his second homeland soon?

I bet you it should be one of the above...

Laman Web Rasmi Pejabat Perdana Menteri MalaysiaOfficial Website of Prime Minister's Office of Malaysia
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