Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Yg Bhg Tun,

There is and will never be "openness" in any mainstream papers or television stations in Malaysia.

If there are claims to that my only word is "bullshit".
Through experience working as a journalist during your premiership, i remember the office received a call from the number two(now), on certain news one of the staff wrote.

I myself had an experience whereby my write up on the opposition had to be edited until it doesnt really capture the real picture.
How can there be freedom of writing in the mainstream media Malaysia when whatever written by the journalist which does not favour the person or government, the editor will for sure to receive this "death call" from the top brass.

In my own personal opinion, local journalist, and to be specific mainstream media and television are bunch of "tape recorders".This includes the editors and chief.But what can you expect of them when they have to suck up to the government unwritten dictation.

There wasn't any freedom and there shall not be one, in almost everything i supposed. Even to do quiet demonstration. It is seriuosly an amusement that a permit is needed prior to any group intentions to conduct some quiet gathering to show protest to any of the government's issues.

I wonder whether the Greenpeace people request for permits every time.It is getting more upsetting to read and watch the news nowadays.

All the good about everything.This is a total sweeping under the carpet by this pretentious government.Thank God that is an alternatives such as blog. Nevertheless there would also be loads of anonymous, still feeling scared to come out of the dark and truly express themselves.

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