Thursday, 5 June 2008

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Oil Price

Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

Yes we are heading to a deeper inflation zone and all these are beyond the control of the current government. This is mere domino effect and it is felt globally, and we can't run away from it.

What saddened and incite our hatred is the sudden increase of petrol price and its quantum. We the rakyat felt cheated by this FLIP-FLOP prime minister.

Why in the first place he open up his mouth and told us there won't be an increase, or that soon (which we all know it is just another rotten tactics to buy oblivious voters votes).

To add salt to wound, he agreed to TNB's increase of tariff, and this is done second time during his tenure of 6 years.

You might not feel the pinch as much as the majority meagre income earner. The rakyat whom take home around rm2000 or less.
Families with only one sole breadwinner.
Families with more than three kids to raised.
Families who lives and work in the Klang Valley especially.

The government's move to burden the rakyat with this incredible increase is absolutely ridiculous and done without taking into consideration the socioeconomic point of view.

The rakyat will be continually oppressed.
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