Thursday, 28 May 2009

Behaviour Part II (aka Baboon Part II)

You reap what you sow.

I had come to know someone who just love to use this phrase sometime ago.
You reap what you sow in other word means that if you do bad things to people, bad things will happen to you eventually or when you do good things you'll be paid off with good things too.
Somehow, this phrase is normally and widely used when someone has done something bad.

Just like the case of Malaysia ex-communist leader who is currently residing in the neighbouring country. His quiet supporter (i must say this because if not, he, the Gerakan chairman won't be foolish enough to bring up the subject of bringing him back to Malaysia) should know that in life, we, the believer, will definitely know that when you do something bad to other people, you will be paid the same here in this world or thereafter.
The Buddhist and Hindus call it 'karma'.

As a good human being we were thought to be good to other people.
In any religion and beliefs, we were told to forgive and forget.
Nevertheless, in some occasion when the situation calls more than one party interventions and when it is related to sensitive issues such as politics and race(s), then the forgive and forget might not be applicable at all. If this is done, there would surely be more difficult issues and situation in hand and later there would be unwarranted tensions whatnot.

As for us individuals, we sometimes do wrong things that we might not know or notice or simply making believe that it is not wrong at all.
When we did something wrong towards one person, then, the actual issues would only be known well between the two person.
Stories, reasons and justifications on why the other party is doing such a hideous thing to the other one would only be known by just the two party. We can put up a façade to hide the real reasons and situation.
There are people who just let the sail follow the wind, and one who will get away because they are good in making faces and putting up 'masks'.

But, eventually the smart majority will notice why is that only that one particular person is the one that will be harbouring dislikes among the rest; this of course we cannot count in the 'die-hard blinded' supporters who need some sort of 'stronger' branch to cling on to eventhough deep in their heart they will be asking the same questions.

Take for example the supporters of Malaysia 's former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim who is currently the de facto leader of Keadilan, the so-called People’s Justice Party. Although this is political issues and the strongest will win the battle, he (Anwar Ibrahim) was removed from office with an immediate effect by the then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed.

See, to all his 'reformasi' supporters, he is the not guilty person, he is the hero, he is their man. But, give it a thought. Would he, the good guy, be removed with an immediate effect, if Mahathir doesn't have enough bullet in his hands.
He must have done something really bad to the nation that only the insider would know better. He must have provoked the dragon that at the end he gotta pay for disturbing the slumber of the bigger dragon, just when he thought that he is big also!
The mass majority is only listening to the sad stories that the family got to brave thru during the turbulence.

But lets take a look at him as an individual.
What do you think of a man who chose the improper way of taking the girl of his dream hand into marriage? A member of the family that has stories and so on and so forth.
Lets take a look at him when he was the head of his student group and rioter during his university time.
He is unlike his then boss, who is known to be very well behaved and devoid of any silent controversies during his younger days until he took office.
But he was outrageously outspoken.
He dares to nay the wrong and yes the right.

Basically, when you dare to play politics and busy garnering votes, you must also be prepared to be lashed by anybody at all. By your opponent or perhaps the backbencher.
It might also be the one that you thought to be your ardent supporter.

In politics, be it small timer such as group of housewives in every neighbourhood, in every town, or in the office among the prefered ones and the no-ones, you are alone and you trust nobody.
In the office you are not indispensable. In politics you have rival. In family you have rivalry.

The only glue that sticks the party or group of people together is the needs and wants of every one individuals has; the materialistic factor and the power that people and human would cry, die and kill for.
However, one obviously must have the kiss-ass attitude to climb their rag to riches and glory ladder.

Suits yourself.
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