Friday, 22 May 2009

Im an ELECTRIC GIRL.......

This is my little declaration.

I have been 'charged' with extra static electric sparks that is totally irritating and making me jump at every instances since the start of this summer.
I remembered the last time i got little annoying zapp was during last year's summer but it did not ruled me as much as this summer.

This time it had gone a little bit too far.
I had been seeing light sparkle when i accidentally touch the metal part of the car key when locking the car, had a childish jump when i pushed open the sundry shop door when spark and the sounds of zapping bit me more than once.

Its making me annoyed and adding to the list of things that i must remember everytime i came out of the car and start touching things.
Whatever it is, i want to know, why me?
Why not my SO or my little girl?
Of course she won't know how to complain but my SO rarely had it at all.
And...and, the only time when i got it was after getting out of a vehicle.
Pushing the grocery trolley wont give that much zapp.

To me it is something mysteriously irritating.
I checked with some people that i know, and they don't have that kind of electric static that much.
It makes me wonder why my body sometimes become charged very easily.
The current answer that i got from my beloved SO was; "i got too much bad charges in my body that it wants to zapp things around me...." -- very funny.

So i did myself a favour and found out that it is more of the separation of negatives from the positives charges and the creation of imbalanced electric charges.

"Static" electricity or "net electric charge" appears whenever the normal quantities of positive and negative electricity in a substance are not perfectly equal.
In other words, it behave as a collector of positive and negative electrical particles. Normally the positives cancel out the negatives, and everything behaves electrically "neutral." but not in my case.

Im having a more negative than positive, or with more positive than negative, thus making me having a charge-imbalance and causes zapping occurrences every now and then.

There you go!

I discovered another part of myself tonight.
Im totally imbalance.
Not just mentally, and hormones but now; the collections of my positives and negatives particles!
Darn me.

I need not explain much on how does this imbalance occur exactly but basically after many footsteps, our bodies attain a high level of electric charge and a high voltage.
The most unbelievable fact was our human body-voltage can easily rise to several thousand volts, and this instances can caused a good zap if we touch someone else. The imbalanced charge gets shared between you and the other person or the object.
This kind of spark is painful because it's extremely hot. It drills into your skin like a white-hot needle, creating a microscopic burned area.

I really pray hard i don't have to go through those 'high'voltage' charges unless some idiots wanna try to step on my tail.

So, there are some cures but the simplest one is -- before touching a doorknob, a car door, i must first touch it with a metal car key. The fiercely hot spark will blast the tip of the metal key rather than blasting my sensitive fingertip, and it will painlessly discharge my body charge.

Or i can grip my keys firmly so no spark appears between the keys and my skin....hhmmmm...

Nevertheless one thing interesting is that there are reports of rare people, "Electric Humans," who spontaneously develop high voltage on their bodies and suffer the continuous problem of "static" sparks. Their sparking occurs regardless of footwear, clothing, humidity, or even motion!

This electric humans are forever getting zapped when they touch people, or when they touch large metal objects. Their bodies are different, and seem to become electrified all the time, all by themselves, without involving the friction or the contact/separation of differing surfaces....interesting.

Maybe i can join Fantastic Four after acquiring that 'electric gift'.
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