Sunday, 3 May 2009

Dangerous Travelling Part II

Air travellers from 3 countries to be screened

KUALA LUMPUR: Beginning yesterday, airline passengers arriving from Hong Kong, Denmark and South Korea have to be screened for influenza A as the virus has spread to the three countries.

Director-General of Health Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican said the World Health Organisation confirmed that as of yesterday, the number of countries affected with the virus had increased to 16.

On Friday, the WHO reported that there were 257 cases with eight deaths in 11 countries, including the recently affected Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Dr Ismail said the United States had reported 141 cases with one death while Mexico had 381 cases with 16 deaths.

Other countries which reported cases without deaths were Canada (51), Spain (15), Britain (13), Germany (5), New Zealand (3), Israel (3), while Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Hong Kong (had one each).

Dr Ismail said as of Friday, 1,517 passengers and flight crew from the affected countries had been screened for influenza A symptoms. However, none showed any "influenza-like illness".

"Clinics and medical centres nationwide have also not shown any increase in cases or cluster cases.

"All health screening activities at main entry points across the country have also been stepped up."


Better avoid travelling for the time being.
Hopefully it wont as contagious as SARs.
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