Friday, 22 May 2009

Malaysia proposes third bridge link to Singapore

Malaysia has proposed to Singapore that a new bridge be built to link the eastern side of Johor to the island republic.

The new bridge will help to further facilitate the movement of people and goods and services between both countries, Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said at a joint media conference with his Singapore counterpart Lee Hsien Loong here today.

Najib, who is here since yesterday for a two-day official visit to the city-state, said the new bridge would also help to develop the eastern side of Johor such as areas in Pengerang, including Desaru, which were still less developed and had huge economic potential.

He said the current linkages, such as the Johor Causeway, were having a high volume of traffic and had affected the smooth movement of people and goods between both the neighbouring countries.

Both sides agreed to look at the proposal in the medium and long term and also agreed to commission a study to look at the bridge viability, Najib said, adding that the new bridge proposal was one of the outcomes of their bilateral meeting to further enhance the close cooperation between Malaysia and Singapore.

Currently, the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia is connected to Singapore by the ageing Johor Causeway and the Second Link crossing in Tuas.

In 2006, Malaysia dropped a plan to build a second bridge replacing the Johor Causeway after it hit a dead-end following some disagreement between the two neighbours.

Lee also suggested that the Johor Causeway be broadened and the rail link connecting both sides of the causeway be improved to further ease traffic movement.

Earlier, upon his arrival at the Istana, Najib inspected a military guard-of-honour before proceeding straight to a four-eyed meeting with Lee.

The two leaders later joined the bilateral meeting involving the top official delegations from both sides. -- Bernama


One thing that i failed to understand is why whenever there is new premier, there would always be proposal on new bridge whatnots.

And how funny can it be when the reasons would is "to help to further facilitate the movement of people and goods and services between both countries" .

These people (Singaporeans) are allowed in the country freely.
They drove on Malaysia's long straight highways over the limit and can go scott-free with it.
They even dare to flash light at local cars.
They pumped in the country's cheap petrol and drove back home to their pigeon-hole house and be merry with small apartments which car park need to be paid.
Yet they will still say they are better than Malaysia.
They still say Malaysia is not good.

They thought they are better off country than Malaysia; i mean, of course you Singapore can be better than Malaysia because you're are so small to manage and you've been managed similar to iron curtain countries.
But get real Singapore. You are so tiny that people hardly can see the existence of the island on the world map!

However the condition of bilateral relationship between the two countries -- the Malaysian government will always suck up to that little dictatorial island.
It made me laughed that it would always be Malaysia 'proposing' to them.
What about them?
They surely need Malaysia more.

Malaysian government, in my opinion, need nothing from that small country that harbour US military base for any future attack in the region. But the main problem with the Malaysian government was, they need to create some projects to enable them to create some income to 'themselves'.

Why don't the Malaysian government starts new regulations such as charging higher petrol everytime Singapore vehicle pumps in at the local stations.
Are we afraid of consequences that follow suit?
I can't think of any, in fact.

Thus that is why Mahathir Mohamed dares to shoot point blank at them.
Abdullah sucking up to them because of the SIL good relationships with the other side.
And now, the latest premier......duuhhhh...

So, lets see who will be paid to commission a study on the viability of the bridge.

Till then.
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