Monday, 25 May 2009


The wondrous things about facebook.
What more can i say about facebook?

I had log one story on facebook late last year on how i found that facebook was doing good job in connecting long lost people that i want to start connecting again besides being 'searched' by those that i would really not want to keep in touch with anymore.

But one story from Indonesia two days ago on facebook was quite amusing.
See how facebook had its waves hit until clerics in that 90% Muslims populated country wanted a 'ban' on people using that platform of internet connection.

It all started when Muslim clerics debating on the mountainous popularity of facebook which according to them can led to 'sinful things' and one of them would be illicit sex. Nevertheless, they did mentioned that followers could use the networking site to connect with friends or for work — but not to gossip or flirt...duhhhh....
Any sort of gossip or flirts happens daily.
In the office, at the bus stops, and very very obvious in chatrooms where 'adultery' happens daily, which later resulted in marriage being disturbed and broken.

Why don't they try to ban internet chatrooms?
Why facebook?

Perhaps they failed to understand that facebook is just a platform.
However the users want to use it, and for whatever purpose they intent do use it, is all up to the individual.

So, due to that, more than 500 imams and clerics agreed to draft up guidelines on surfing facebook and the web in general.
How can they came out with something silly such as trying to regulate what people can and cannot do on a platform which the sole features is to connect people worldwide is only complicating simple matters when it answers is only; DO or DON'T DO.

That is all.

If a group or person is using this platform to incite hatred or sinful things, then it is again up to the user or individual to join in or otherwise.
There wasn't any force in facebook.
It is free.
And the individual will have to take responsibility on whatever they do via that platform.

While there is no immediate comment from facebook, their spokeperson said that they "have seen many people and organizations use facebook to advance a positive agenda".

I wonder whether complaints on facebook in Indonesia was created and initiated by its rival i.e. Yahoo or Google as it was rated the highest ranking site in that 235 million people beating the two pioneer at a very fast pace.

The similarity between Indonesia and Malaysia was the mentality of its so-called 'clerics'. They have one funny way of expressing their dissatisfaction on things related to trendy young adult lifestyle. They will always find reasons and excuses to ban this and that such as yoga for instance.

Why don't the cleric in Indonesia do something about the inter religion marriage there. What i meant by inter-religion marriage here was the Muslims marrying a non- Muslims where the latter remain with his or her religion.

Why don't the clerics in Malaysia try to come out with dress code for Muslims youngsters who would be wearing a very revealing outfit in the public. Can they come out with that dress-code? Just like how they came out with couple cannot be kissing freely in the public.

Teaching and leading the Muslims in this advance era is not by banning everything, but by implementing the most easiest things first; reaching out to the young people and understanding the world progress. Then, you clerics can start touching on the other matters.
To be a developed countries we must open our mind and doors to new technologies and things.
With new technologies there will surely come along its consequences.
That consequences must be tackled first.

Than you clerics can start on facebook.
For the time being, im enjoying it well :-)
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