Friday, 8 May 2009

Worthless men.

Stains tell tale of sex with father since 12.

SEREMBAN: A 16-year-old girl's ordeal at the hands of her own father came to light when her mother noticed semen stains on her daughter's bed and tracksuit.

The 49-year-old mother, who is a chef at a restaurant, then inspected her husband's pants in their bedroom at their flat in Paroi, near here, and found similar stains.

She then confronted her daughter on March 8 who confessed that she had been repeatedly raped by her 52-year-old father since she was 12 years old.

The victim said her father had been raping her even when they were staying in Kuala Pilah before they moved to the flat in Paroi.

The girl, accompanied by her mother, lodged a report at the Seremban 2 police station on April 8 and was sent to the Seremban Hospital for medical examination.

The suspect was detained for questioning on Monday.

District police chief Assistant Commissioner Saiful Azly Kamaruddin said if not for the mother, the victim would have continued to suffer in silence.

"The mother's actions led police to detain the suspect, a lorry driver, who is being held for questioning till May 10.

"All this while, the child told us that she was forced to keep the secret after being threatened by the suspect," he said, yesterday-NST


This is yet another embarrassing acts carried out by mentally sick man and boy towards their own flesh and blood. It is embarrassing because i dare to say ninety nine out of hundred of such cases came from Malay families.

It happens in low income family. Father usually the sole breadwinner, or mother is working and will be out very early from home. If catagorised, their occupations mostly are of the lorry or bus drivers, or 'felda' worker (village-based works such plantations) or factory worker.

I have had come across a story of a teenage girl being done this sinful and immoral thing by her own father and brother at the same period of time, without the knowledge of the two rapist of course. In this case i do not know who to blame; the girl or her mother.

I cant say much about the two bastards because in my opinion when they can conduct such an immoral actions, they are of those type that God don't grant any sort of emotions or conscience at all.

In my opinion, the poor girl should have she use her brain just a bit if it was so hard for her to think straight all along. She can chose to ran away, or go to the police, or inform her most trusted relatives or find a way to get the two buggers to pay for the sins.

Like this particular case, this young girl is very lucky to have an attentive mother.
Otherwise she'll end up having to satisfy the animal lust of her own father until futher notice!

I guess the bastardly father must be thinking that it is easy, as he doesn't have to pay for it and it is new and young compared to the prostitues that he had bang over the years while on his driving routines.

Many years ago, I was by a friend who happens to be a lawyer handling such cases.
Being a non-Malay, he asked me why does this kind of thing; for example incest happens mostly in the Malay families with Islam as their religion.
Seriously, I have got no good answer to that question because undoubtedly it happens in the Malay families. My dumb answer to his question was probably Muslim men were created by God to be very lustful, thus that is why they are allowed to marry more than one.

But what never fails to surprise me was that according to him and from what i read sometimes, the mother would not accuse the husband nor supporting his bad behaviour. He said most of the women when asked why didn't they take the initiative to lodge a report against the father once it was detected; their sole answer would be; they are afraid that they're going to lose the sole breadwinner for the family and later lose the man of their life.

I honestly cannot comprehend this.
Probably also because I was not from those kind of community to really know their plight.

I remember a case sometime in 2005 that a Muslim man in Singapore was accused of raping six of his daughters. The 45 year old man whom pleaded guilty to nine charges of rape and aggravated rape, with a further 34 cases were an ultimate embarrassment to the religion and should be stoned to death.

The most interesting and the laughing stock of my friends when we were discussing this matter was that this demon's defense lawyers claimed that the man believed that by "satisfying" his daughters' sexual "needs", they would be less likely to have pre-marital sex with boys.

And the crem de la creme of this family stories was, he raped five of his daughters in the span of two years with the help of some of his wives (well this animal married more than four, i guess he must have a dick which cannot lay down south at all!). The girls were aged between 12 years and 15 years at the time their father raped them. Two went on to get pregnant, and had abortions....i also wonder why abortions are not wrong in this Muslim family.

If you ask me what should we do to these lustful men? My answer would only be "they just need to be castrated". That will save loads of gullible women from marrying them or the daughters being their sex slaves.

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